1. Cpl Uhl

    CC Sequential AFV Japanease ATTACKER HtH?

    The Japanese conduct an Armored Assault Banzai and end up in a hex with: 1 Japanese AFV, 1 Japanese Squad and 1 US HS. CC Phase: Because of the AFV, the CC is Sequential with the US going first, despite the Japanese being the ATTACKER. Question: does the US attack on the HtH table? I would...
  2. Michael R

    G1.64 Japanese HtH CC

    This rule basically states that during the Japanese player turn, close combat will be HtH most of the time. Jon Cole and I encountered a situation about which we had a doubt. He, as the Japanese, advanced a concealed unit into a hex containing an enemy unit. During the CC Phase, he decided...
  3. M

    Colourised Photos

    Someone on the Matrix Games forums pointed out colourised photos from a Japanese blog of various IJN warships here: http://blog.livedoor.jp/irootoko_jr/ Some RJW ships are included, for example Hashidate: