1. von Marwitz

    IIFT(M)QRDC v3.6 by Ole Boe 2016-10-01

    Ole Boe's Incremental IFT (Mini) Quick Reference Data Card v3.6 b/w. You might either love or hate the IIFT - whatever. This is the play-aid I use in EVERY game of ASL (be it using IFT or IIFT).
  2. Michael Dorosh

    Education level and fire table use

    What is your education level and your fire table choice? Just curious to see if one's level of education influences your choice of IFT or IIFT.
  3. SamB

    When you play, how often do you use the IIFT?

    When you play, how often do you use the IIFT?
  4. B

    How about that IIFT?

    Just to get people away from the Black counter debate:paperbag::popc1:
  5. Portal

    IFT or IIFT: Which Do You Like?

    Which infantry fire table do you find yourself preferring these days? For myself, I've been a strict believer in the IFT, based upon ease of memorizing each of its columns and knowing the respective result right off the dice roll. However, I've tried the IIFT w/ CTC variant lately just to see...