1. F

    HIP Fortificacions Setup

    Hi! I need some advice. I'm starting a VASL game (ASL135 Acts of Defiance), and i'm not sure what happens with russian units whom setup in HIP fortifications ( beneath Wires or Foxholes). This units start HIP too? I'm thinking in this fortifications like a building fortification, Wire and...
  2. WuWei

    Move/Advance: ?? vs. ??

    I just want to get my head straight and check if I got the rules right: Imagine the following situations from the DEFENDER's perspective: 1a) I have concealed/HIP MMC(s) in a location. During the MPh, an enemy ?? or cloaking counter tries to move into this location. I ask the ATTACKER to...
  3. EJ1

    Revealed HIP Fortification & Its HIP Units

    Q: A foxhole and squad are setup HIP; the foxhole is revealed by enemy LOS and placed on board; is the squad therefore revealed, and if so, in what way or to what degree? Example: is the squad still hidden, concealed, totaly revealed (A12.31), or other? Thanks
  4. WuWei

    How to check a LOS to a HIP leader with radio?

    Imagine a scenario that gives one side a HIP leader with a radio. Calling in OBA isn't a concealment loss action, but what do you do if you want to check a LOS to that HIP leader? You don't want your opponent to know where that leader hides...
  5. Michael R

    possible HIP issue in 6.2.2

    In a scenario I had HIP fortifications with non-HIP units underneath the HIP counters. The fortifications were two trenches and two pillboxes. At game start, my opponent could see none of the HIP counters on his screen. On turn two, I revealed one trench to my opponent because I moved a unit...
  6. D

    Deploying and At Start HIP

    ASL scenario 11 - Defiance on Hill 30 has an SSR that says, "The U.S. player may use HIP for one squad and any SMC/SW that set(s) up with it in the same Location." If I deploy a squad, could I HIP two half-squads in the same location? Could I HIP them in two different locations?
  7. GeorgeBates

    J94 - Kempf At Melikhovo; where to put the Gun?

    J94, Kempf At Melikhovo - where to put the Gun? Played my first complete ASL scenario since April, thanks to a holiday week here near the equator and a 3rd Thursday Gamers Meetup. I met David, a National University student who had played several matches but was carrying a couple of years of...
  8. C

    Recon Squads have any special rules?

    Hi, I am working up a campaign for my friend and I and I am adding a recon squad for both sides. Light troops (Half Squads with motorcyles and quick armored cars). But I was wondering if there is any rule that these things see concealed or HIP units any better than normal? I have found...