gears of war 2

  1. W

    Gears of War 2 Recruiting!

    Hello good people, My name is Ben and I am the Battle Operations Captain for the Gears of War section, It is my duty to organize Gamenights, GB Matches, Tournaments, Events and Recruit. Warrior Nation is in need of Gears of War players, You don't have to have Gears 2, but the section...
  2. K

    Should I get Gears 2 or COD5?

    Which is better?
  3. Dr Zaius

    Anyone tried the PC version yet?

    What are your thoughts on it?
  4. V

    gears of war games?

    Hi people does anyone know of any games similar to gears of war as i have got a pc, wii and ps2 but dont want to have to buy a 360 to play this game cos the misses wont let me!!! can anyone help me out cheers
  5. Bootaaay

    Man assaults teen for copy of Gears of War

    Lol, totally crazy;
  6. ehandlr

    Is Gears of War as good as it gets?

    "We pushed the 360 to the limits," Gears of War QA manager Preston Thorne told Siliconera at last night's Hollywood launch party. While obviously an inflammatory remark, there could be some truth to the statement. After all, it was Epic that allegedly convinced Microsoft to bump up Xbox 360's...
  7. ehandlr

    Gears of War Cost Microsoft $1 Billion

    What the hell! This is retarded....even if every single person in the world who owns an Xbox 360 bought this..they still would not profit...... Full Text: We'd say 512MB of RAM was probably to smart choice for the Xbox 360 During a podcast Q&A conducted by Microsoft's Major...