1. Scott Tortorice

    Gearbox Does it Again: Battleborn

    Here's why Borderlands 3 is not in production - it's a good reason :): I am really developing a deep respect for Gearbox (with the exception of the Colonial Marines fiasco). They never follow the pack; every game they make is something fresh and original. Way to...
  2. Scott Tortorice

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Announced

    One of the few bright spots in recent gaming years has been the Borderlands franchise. The original was great, and I am thoroughly enjoying the second game. Like Stalker, Borderlands is just one of those rare games where great mechanics have combined with a great (and original) lore to make...
  3. Scott Tortorice

    Homeworld: Remastered

    Well, the website it up, and there is a survey as to what you would prefer in a collector's edition:
  4. Scott Tortorice

    Borderlands: Tales from the HQ Coming to Youtube

    Wow, what perfect timing! :D ‘Borderlands – Tales from the HQ’ animated short film series coming to YouTube this December Seeing how great the Borderlands 1 trailers were, these could be great! Edit: I see Gearbox did a new one for one of the new B2 always, funny and...
  5. Scott Tortorice

    Borderlands 2 Announced

    At last, the sequel to my favorite shooter of all time is underway! Borderlands 2 Announced I'm gonna have to get back to the game and finish it before next year. :D
  6. Scott Tortorice

    Brothers in Arms: Furious 4

    As if we needed the Tarantino-inspired version of Brothers in Arms :rolleyes:: Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 Speaking of torture porn (see the Grog Guilt thread), I am really getting tired of these crass titles. Bulletorm, Duke Nukem, now this - is shooting our enemies no longer enough? Now we...