1. thedrake

    Saving Private Ryan module by WBW (LONG!)

    Purchased a copy of Wild Bill Wilder's "One Out of Four:The Saga of Saving Private Ryan" and thought would post some initial thoughts on this module. First off the module comes with a cover sheet describing the product contents on the front side and the reverse side is an ad for more of WBW's...
  2. dlazov

    NEW from WBW - Fire in the East !!! Must SEE !!!

    Comes with 6-5-8 Fayheeden (not your normal white on black ers).
  3. dlazov

    WBW new fancy titles names

    Same crap components... Doughboys & Devildogs Diggers & Turks Landships & Tommies Sudan Enemies of the Crown Audace Eager Eagles
  4. Gunner Scott

    Wild Bill Stuff made of gold?

    Holy crap, over 200 bucks for poorly written rules, non existant playtesting and poor graphics, I can get that with CH! products but at a much cheaper price:clown: Scott
  5. dlazov

    At it again

    Would anyone really want to play ASL with Zula Wars? How about Col. Roosevelt...
  6. thedrake

    Wild Bill's ASL Simple Solitaire module--first impressions

    Bought this off ebay recently as I play mostly solo so wanted to check out how this system looks/works.Have not had a chance to play it yet but from reading the two pages of rules it definitely looks to be a simple system for playing standard ASL scenario. First you choose which side you play...
  7. ASL Maineiac

    Saving Private Ryan pack from Wild Bill

    Saw this scenario pack from Wild Bill and First to Fight on eBay. It's based on Saving Private Ryan and includes 5 scenarios based on actions depicted in the movie. Is this new new, or has anyone tried these? The pack also includes three new maps, though not great looking ones, and new counters...
  8. 62nd Army

    The madness continues

    Gentlemen Check out the latest price on this "item" from Wild Bill. I am a completeist, but this is just sad. To each his own I guess. Regards Joe...
  9. J

    New ASL product on ebay

    Oh yes, this is the product that many ASL colectors have been waiting for years. Thanks dorosh Jesus
  10. footsteps

    More from Wild Bill

    Silver Wings When It All Went Wrong Death From Above This one actually looks like it may be adding some nice eye-candy. One Out of Four I wonder if Psycho's scenario is included in this one. Green Steel 3
  11. footsteps

    A Port Too Far -- Wild Bill

    Looks like Wild Bill is at it again.
  12. Gunner Scott

    GREEN STEEL MARINE OMG $300.00 Plus!!!

    Hi- Saw this on eBay, and wow, there are people out there who really have money to burn. But to me this sets a bad presidence, who else with a desk top publishing will do the same thing...
  13. Pitman

    Consumer Alert - E-bay Vietnam/Korea "products"

    Most people are aware of "Wild Bill Wilder" creating a stream of ASL products on Vietnam and the Korean War and selling them on E-bay one at a time, with copies going from $100 to $350 each, as completists rush to get them. Just from the E-bay descriptions, I had serious reservations about...
  14. Michael Dorosh

    New Solitaire System for ASL

    New Solitaire for ASL by the guys doing the Vietnam ASL modules.
  15. Gunner Scott

    KOREA: ORDEAL AT CHOSIN ASL Variant 1 Winter 1950 I wonder how much this...
  16. hershmeister

    Vietnam ASL?

    anyone seen this before? someone thinks its worth a bunch of $$ current bid is nealry $200...
  17. Gunner Scott

    GLORY & GRIEF 2 ASL Vietnam Variant Module TWO

    Well, here is this guys second module in the nam series, with Armor to boot. Did MMP give this guy the nod to produce this module just becouse the counters look very official looking...
  18. Gunner Scott

    GLORY & GRIEF ASL Vietnam Variant? Anyone see this on eBay?

    Hi- Spotted this on ebay and um wow, it looks interesting: Scott