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  1. ColinJ

    FB CGI "Pearl of the Danube" Stone Locations

    Hello everyone, Part way through CGI and seeing if there is any additional errata for the number of stone locations on the NW map sheet of the FB map. My count for the number of stone locations for the NW map isn't even close to the values listed in section FB17.2. The J10, J11, and MMP...
  2. BattleSchool

    Missed Opportunity?

    While reorganizing my counters, it struck me that the SS 6-5-8 squads released with Festung Budapest (FB) do have not underscored FP. Given that the SS have Assault Fire at this time of the war, was any thought given to modifying these counters in order to provide players with more...
  3. D

    Crucible of Steel, or Festung Budapest

    Which should I buy, I would like very much like pros and cons of both, by people who have played scenarios out of both, I just bought Valor of the Guards, so I do not know if I should buy another campaign HASL module. Please shed some insight and personal preference / stories. Thanks
  4. BattleSchool

    The first anniversary of the BattleSchool blog Sitrep approaches...

    Canada Day (1 July) will mark the first anniversary of the BattleSchool blog Sitrep. Each month for the past year we have held raffles for various kinds of ASL candy. On 1 July, a Squad Leader (i.e. follower of Sitrep) will win a copy of Festung Budapest, the latest historical module from...
  5. BattleSchool

    Festung Budapest BattleDice: What size is right for the BudaPack?

    I have not finalized the designs for the BudaPack. Nor have I committed to a particular size of die. My plan was to go with 9/16” for this, and all subsequent HASL dice. I will not make these in 1/2" because the detail is lost. [If you want a 1/2" Hungarian die, I recommend that you pick one...
  6. BattleSchool

    Which size of custom, precision dice would you prefer for Festung Budapest?

    Dead thread, please ignore Dead thread, please ignore
  7. Rousseau Burton

    Festung post at Sitrep (Battleschool)

    Found this post over at Sitrep newsletter amazing. Very pro nice job Chris. Linking real pictures with hexes and a summary of the rules for the terrain makes the game more alive. Could see this being done with future HASLs as a way to differentiate, or even with scenarios, helps to visualize and...