1. larth

    Hakkaa Päälle! Errata and FAQ

    Will be collecting an unofficial list here. Hopefully the errata stays very short! :bite: Errata Chapter B: on Chapter B replacement page B43, Footnote 3A should be Footnote 3B, and new Footnote 3A from the Journal 10 Debriefing should be added. H190 reference to rule E7.312. This should...
  2. BattleSchool

    PBP22 Morire in Belleza

    I have two versions of PBP22 designed by Gordon McClelland. Both are copyright CH 1998. Is there any definitive errata for this scenario. The Cardboard Warriors site has this: Scenario PBP22 ("Morire In Belleza") There should be 2x 8-0 SMC, not three, in the Yugoslavian OB. In the Balance...
  3. commissar1969

    ESG 28 "Dangerous Reliance"

    I'll make it short and sweet . . . SSR 3 reads: "Units from these two Russian setup groups may not move / advance on Turn 1." Which two Russian setup groups are meant? There are no less than SIX different Russian groups that setup on board. I checked the ESG errata page and didn't find...
  4. dieneuner25

    Journal One - J9 scenario errata?

    I can't find any official errata for J9 (reprinted as 147 in Rising Sun, which I don't yet own), but the scenario card says "Only hexrows P-GG are playable" yet the red shaded area shown on the map diagram is clearly covers more than 17.5 hexrows AND the map image posted in the Scenario Archive...
  5. Michael R

    Bfp60 ob question

    The American OB specifies an M4A1F tank with a bow flamethrower. In the B&J counter mix, however, I cannot find one. There are other Sherman FT tanks, but I do not see that one. Does anyone else? I found an M4A1F in the Operation Cobra counter mix, so this is not a problem for me. I want to...
  6. I

    Lone Canuck TBBA #1: Dead Man's Corner (Errata?)

    In this scenario, the Germans are defending against an American attack from offboard. On the turn record chart, it says Americans set up first, Germans move first. This goes against the conventions I have seen in turn order for scenarios with attackers who come completely from offboard. I...