1. EJ1

    Infantry Stacking Limits and Armored Assault A5 & D9.31

    Am I right that there are no separate rules regarding infantry stacking limits and armored assault? Just to go to the extreme, could I really have eleven squads (roughly 110 men) stacked beneath an AFV and still benefit from armored assault? Something suggests to me that just like riders, I...
  2. Robin Reeve

    Armored Assault (D9.31) with concealed Infantry using Assault Movement in Open Ground (A10.531)

    Hi all, Concealed Infantry is making an Armored Assault (D9.31). As FFMO doesn't apply can one consider that it is not moving in Open Ground as per A10.531 and that it thus won't loose concealment if in LOS of a Good Order enemy unit ?
  3. G

    Armored assault and OVR

    When an AFV and an infantry unit make an armored assault, can the AFV make an OVR during the same Movement Phase ( with or without the infrantry unit ? Perry : Yes, presuming all the usual requirements are met, although the infantry would not ordinarily be able to enter the enemy-occupied...
  4. Robin Reeve

    Armored Assault and VBM

    About Armored Assault (D 9.31) : If Infantry that is using Armored Assault enters a woods/building obstacle, may the accompanying AFV use VBM? Yes. ....Perry MMP
  5. P

    Armored Assault and Bog when outgoing from a hex.

    In Armored Assault the AFV takes a Bog check to cross a Bocage hexside after both the Infantry and AFV have declared their MF/MP to cross the hexside and enter the next hex but Bogs and so stays in the hex exited. My question is thusly, do the Infantry have to cross the hexside now without the...
  6. B

    Mounted Armored Assault

    summer continues to broil onward..... :P Regarding Armoured Assault movement while on bicycles... Very rare that you run into this one I'm sure, but looks like there is nothing saying you cant. Please shoot me down if I'm wrong.... thank you
  7. DC

    Armoured Assault and Berserk Units

    A Good Order squad declares armoured assault and after spending 2 MP with its friendly AFV, goes berserk. It charges the nearest unit etc - can the AFV continue moving?
  8. SamB

    Berserk and Armored Assault

    >Rule:A15.431, D9.31 >Question:A DC838, FT838, 9-1 stacked with a PzVG begin their move by >Armour Assaulting along a road. After spending 4MFs and 6MPs, they are DFFed upon and the result is the following: a 149 is generated and the rest of the Infantry goes berserk. The target is...
  9. SamB

    Armored Assault and Wire

    > Can I check out a rules interpretation that came up in playtest? Squad > and > leader using Armored Assault move into Wire for 1 MF (AFV uses 1 + 2 = 3MP). > Assuming the AFV passes its Bog DR, is its further movement in any way > affected by the infantry's Wire dr? No...