1. Michael R

    Spraying advice from Bill Cirillo

    Bill posted this on FaceBook. I thought it was good advice for anyone thinking about spraying their counters, so I obtained his permission to share it here. Okay, spraying counter sheets, here’s the process I use. Always spray outdoors! The recommended spray is, like most sprays, highly...
  2. wrongway149

    How many 'encircled' counters in the game?

    Question for the armory geeks: How many 'encircled' markers came with Beyond Valor? Did any come with other core modules or official HASLs? Thanks
  3. W

    Kickstarter campaign for custom counters

    Just stumbled upon an awesome startup mentioned in another post - 42 sheets of custom nationality counters.
  4. R

    New to ASL - Alternate means of play without punching counter sheets?

    Some time ago I was fortunate enough to purchase 2nd edition ASL rulebook and a sealed copy of Beyond Valor along with ASL Starter Kit #1. As I look at the counter sheets, it occurs to me that I might want to keep them unpunched and instead make color photocopies of the counter sheets to use...
  5. D

    Quick KGS question - I think mine arrived missing a counter

    Specifically, my Kampfgruppe Scherer - Shield of Cholm pack is missing exactly one counter from the included sheet. I think it's a debris counter - I have 7 of them, and from the looks of things, I'm guessing there's supposed to be 8. Can anyone confirm this for me? I can't find a counter...
  6. P

    Russian 76mm gun counter - Is there a "A" designation?

    Whoops, my OCD is showing... I finally got down to clipping the counters from SK#3 and noticed that the designation for the Russian 76mm INF gun is "B" in the upper left corner. :hmmm: I cannot seem to locate an "A" version of this gun. Must...have...order.... Does anyone know if...
  7. L'Emperor

    New Counter Art?

    ASL counter art is certainly not "State of the art". Should it be updated? I have included a couple of example counters. The infantry are quick knock ups, the M-10 is part of a series I did for myself. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE SPECIFICALLY ON MY EXAMPLES. I MEAN THIS AS A GENERAL QUESTION. MY...
  8. B

    What's With the 'Counter' in CX?

    The term 'Counter Exhausted' has always bugged me just a little bit. What was the rationale for including the word 'counter' in that description? Wouldn't 'exhausted' have done okay by itself? We don't have 'Counter Pinned' or 'Counter Burning' or 'Counter Immobilized' or anything else with...
  9. S

    How many counters in a full ASL kit?

    How many counters do you suppose there are in a full ASL kit? That's all the core modules, the journals, historical modules but no 3rd party stuff. People ask me this sometimes, but I really don't have a clue. My wild guess would be about 10.000-12.000?