1. WuWei

    Sand and Blood - Victory Conditions, Control, Caves

    "The Americans win at the end of any CG Assault Period (...) by Controlling all land (including undestroyed pier) hexes of Gavutu and Tanambogo..." I think that a Japanese unit sitting in a cave doesn't control a land hex. Is this the case?
  2. Control - World Trailer | PS4

    Control - World Trailer | PS4

    The Oldest House: The Dark and Intriguing World of Remedy’s ‘Control’ Remedy Entertainment’s new trailer for ‘Control’ provides a glimpse into this strange world.
  3. furgie

    DaE - Strategic Location Control

    I've just finished the initial scenario (23rd Sept). I now have to work out setup areas.... Can I assume that all buildings and road entries that were in initial setup areas (so everything west of hexrow D for the Brits and everything east of hexrow E for the Germans) that have not been...