1. M

    Gaining and losing concealment/HIP at night

    I was just wondering if someone could confirm (or deny) my understanding of the difference in gaining and losing concealment at night vs. in daytime. Concealment loss: only if you spend MF in an illuminated location, or enter an enemy-occupied location in the MPh. Therefore, you never lose...
  2. ngregg19

    Do units designated as Opportunity Firers lose concealment if there is no one there to see it?

    Situation (See image): Russian stack in X9 is designated at the end of the Prep Fire Phase with an Opportunity Fire marker, and is NOT presently in LOS of an enemy unit; however, has a HIP unit in X10 he is unaware of. According to the Concealment Loss/Gain table, X9's concealment marker should...
  3. P

    Snipers and concealed units - what if ineligible target?

    Sniper gets a '1' and is activated. The alternate target DR leaves two possible targets: a concealed infantry stack in woods, and a concealed AFV in another, equidistant woods hex. If the Sniper player picks the AFV hex in hopes of the vehicle being CE, and it's BU instead, what happens to...
  4. WuWei

    Move/Advance: ?? vs. ??

    I just want to get my head straight and check if I got the rules right: Imagine the following situations from the DEFENDER's perspective: 1a) I have concealed/HIP MMC(s) in a location. During the MPh, an enemy ?? or cloaking counter tries to move into this location. I ask the ATTACKER to...
  5. sc4joe

    AFV HIP/Concealment Loss

    Would a HIP AFV that changed CE/BU status in APh lose HIP status (in LOS of enemy units) ? Would a concealed AFV that did the same lose concealment? My opponent and I couldn't find it in RB or the chart. Interpreting Case C of the Concealment Loss/Gain Chart, we didn't think it was enough of a...
  6. EJ1

    Creating dummy stacks and concealed guns during setup

    Hi all, I'm working on my setup and wish to place separate concealed guns and dummy stacks. Yet, I'm having trouble creating separate stacks that resemble each other. It seems to me that I'm not able to orient the dummy stacks in the same way as the guns. In the following image (ignore the...
  7. jtreu

    Additional Concealment counters

    My opponent the last time we played I think moved a concealed stack and then split it off. A12.11 says a new concealment counter is created for the new stack. Does that hold true if the original stack was all dummies?
  8. Robin Reeve

    Armored Assault (D9.31) with concealed Infantry using Assault Movement in Open Ground (A10.531)

    Hi all, Concealed Infantry is making an Armored Assault (D9.31). As FFMO doesn't apply can one consider that it is not moving in Open Ground as per A10.531 and that it thus won't loose concealment if in LOS of a Good Order enemy unit ?
  9. James Taylor

    Thrown Demo: Affect of concealment on FP in thrower's location

    Some questions about Thrown DC. A23.1 says that DC FP is modified by concealment. 23.1 A DC is a SW which explodes in the target Location with 30 FP factors on the IFT [EXC: Set DC; 23.7]. It is not subject to FP modification for PBF/TPBF, use in the AFPh, or for any form of Area Fire other...
  10. SonOfTheNorth

    ? and off-board setup

    This is such an elementary question, but we seem to debate this every single game. Defense has a 18 concealment markers. Attacker sets up off-board for turn 1. In the game setup phase, which scenario is correct? Scenario A (I'm pretty sure this is wrong, and way too generous to the...
  11. Bill Kohler

    Case I of the Concealment Table

    The more I try to understand this situation, the more muddy it seems to me . . . ---------------------- RULE QUOTES: A12.121 says "The Concealment Table always takes precedence over the body of the rules." A12.122 has two bullets that were amended by the errata in J10 to read as...
  12. E

    Panic and Concealment

    Does panic cause a unit to lose concealment (assuming it's in LOS of good order ENEMY or Suspect counter)? If so, at night would a unit that panics create a gunflash? Thanks!
  13. SonOfTheNorth

    Dummy/Concealment ML 7?

    This is a bit hard to find in the RB, since it's probably nestled into paragraphs of where the rule is actually applicable, but my buddy and I were wondering why the ? counter has a ML 7 on it? What are the cases where this is used? I think we mostly understand the concealment rules for...
  14. James Taylor

    A9.4 Mandatory Fire Direction vs B30.7 Concealment (in Pillbox)

    Situation is German HMG (7FP) and German MMG (5FP) firing at >16 range at an infantry target in a pillbox for a base total of 12FP. A9.4 says: ...moreover, MG attacks vs unconcealed Infantry at a range ≥ 17 hexes treat those Infantry as concealed unless they are...
  15. K

    Encirclement and Concealment

    Does a concealed unit lose concealment when it becomes encircled? Here's the situation: A concealed unit has enemy units on either side of it. They fire with sufficient firepower (taking concealment into account) to encircle the unit per A7.7. However, the actual DRs do not strip...
  16. Michael R

    Concealment and bocage

    A unit is in an open ground hex that has at least one, but no more than five bocage hex sides. No enemy unit has LOS to the hex. Can the unit gain concealment automatically, or must it make a dr? I think it is automatic. Thanks.
  17. D

    Dummy stacks and minefields

    Was reading 12.11 and came across something I don't understand. It says: Before announcing any mine attacks exposed by the movement of a stack topped by a"?", the DEFENDER may force the ATTACKER to momentarily reveal a non-Dummy unit in the stack to show that an actual force exists there. If...
  18. R

    Bombardment: Dummies, Concealed, & HIP Units

    Hello, Fritz Eifrig and I are starting into VotG7 - Storming the Station tonight, and we're wondering about how to handle bombardment MCs in various situations: - Dummies: I think we understand that dummies take MCs with a morale of 7. - Concealed: Concealment is not lost if the MC...
  19. C

    Recon Squads have any special rules?

    Hi, I am working up a campaign for my friend and I and I am adding a recon squad for both sides. Light troops (Half Squads with motorcyles and quick armored cars). But I was wondering if there is any rule that these things see concealed or HIP units any better than normal? I have found...