combat mission: campaigns

  1. Michael Dorosh

    Combat Mission: Campaigns GROSSDEUTSCHLAND scenarios

    There is a thread over at BFC where one of the scenario design team for the cancelled CM:C game is sharing his map files and plans for a Brest-Litovsk campaign he was working on. Thought I would do the same. I was researching an action by elements of the 3rd and 4th Panzer Divisions near...
  2. Michael Dorosh

    Combat Mission: Campaigns CANCELLED Hunter was a good guy. Moon, who ran the beta team, was a tyrant. I feel bad for Hunting Tank software, but I have no sympathy for battlefront. Don't feel too bad, either. The graphical interface they are talking about...
  3. KG_Jag

    CMC Preview Tease

    Just posted on the Battlefront blog:
  4. K

    New CMC screenshots

    Check them out here- They are Beta shots, but some of them look very promising, imo.
  5. KG_Jag

    Battlefront Says Progress Has Been Made In CMC

    Here's the latest from today's entry in the Battlefront bog: "Progess this week! Combat Mission Campaigns is making progress! A power session between Charles, Rob (main CMC programmer) and Bruce (CMC mastermind) last week has allowed the team to squish half a dozen critical bugs in the...
  6. KG_Jag

    CMC--Word and Hope!

    From the Battlefront blog--already at their new, under construction site: "There are similar good news from the other projects as well. Combat Mission Campaigns has made a big step forward with the release of a stable Beta version to the testers last month. Unfortunately there are some...
  7. KG_Jag

    CMC Development News

    The team creating Combat Mission Campaigns [CMC] reports that they are currently stomping on bugs that were found in their beta version of this game. As most here know, CMC will allow CMBB to be played as an extended campaign and of course will include the opportunity to fight out each campaign...
  8. KG_Jag

    CMC Update!

    Hot from the Battlefront blog (a new feature over there): Location: BlogsBlogfront Posted by: Battlefront .com6/29/2006I just spoke with Bruce Poon from Hunting Tank Software today about Combat Mission Campaigns. The guy is insane, you know, trying to create this monster game. His place in...
  9. Jim H. Moreno

    Combat Mission Campaigns

    "Combat Mission Campaigns is an operational wargame where you command forces up to a Division in size during the bloody nightmare of WWII’s Eastern Front from 1941-45. By working in tandem with the award winning Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin game engine, Combat Mission Campaigns allow...