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  1. Michael Dorosh

    Education: Warrant Officers in British Forces

    This thread at BFC was mildly confusing: Several minor points of order - I can give a pass to the developers since none of them are native to the UK. Firstly, the plural of Sergeant Major is Sergeants Major - the 's' comes after...
  2. Michael Dorosh

    British Forces DEMO thread

    May as well start a new thread on this. I downloaded the demo but haven't tried it yet. I went to BFC to see if there is any buzz but didn't get past the thread where Adam got banned. There may be some rapture there but it went past me unnoticed. I didn't see any subject headings saying THANK...
  3. Michael Dorosh

    British Forces combat vehicles put to the test One of the officers in my regiment sent this link out.
  4. KG_Jag

    Brit Module Screenshots Posted by Battlefront

    See them here: