1. Scott Tortorice

    CMBN: Taking the Soccer Pitch (Conclusion)

    This is the final part of an AAR I posted on my blog. I decided to post this last part here when my blog slid off the sidebar. :) Continuing.... When last I left off, there were only 16 minutes left on the clock, and I was fighting to hold back a surging Wehrmacht that was doing everything...
  2. Scott Tortorice

    Performance Hit with Map QB-114?

    Has anyone else noticed a huge performance hit when using the medium city map, QB-114? I had it randomly chosen for a QB and I am finding it almost to be unplayable as my framerate drops to a slide-show rate. It seems to have something to do with rendering all the buildings as when I pan the...
  3. Scott Tortorice

    CMBN V1.01 Released

    I was hoping for the inclusion of penetration decals on vehicles. :OHNO: CMBN v.1.01 Released
  4. B

    Is CM:BN for the casual player?

    I've had a little more time with the demo and I'm not sure if it's the game or just the demo missions but, unlike the previous games I don't think CM:BN is for the casual player. Forces seems to require more, a lot more babysitting (deploy, un-deploy crew weapons, scouting, C2, etc) then even...
  5. C

    Did the earth move for you too?

    Playing the demo, when I select a sqaud/team, then click on a move command, moving the cursor over the ground whilst deciding where to place my men, the very ground moves about under the cursor. The amount of movement (up and down like there is about to be an underground erruption) varies...
  6. B

    Cancelled preorder

    Am i the first? :p
  7. Mad Russian

    Is Mis-ID In CMBN?

    I've not seen anywhere that shows any mis-identification going on in CMBN. Did it make it into the game or not? Good Hunting. MR
  8. Scott Tortorice

    CMBN Big Guns

    This appears to be a new vid:
  9. Scott Tortorice

    Battle for Normandy Beta AAR 3

    I'm sure you guys saw this already, but just in case: I have to admit: this vid almost sold me on the game. The gameplay seems very reminiscent of CMBO. Now I'm not as worried that CMBN will turn out to just be a re-skinned CMSF. I am eager to...