cmbn release

  1. E

    CMBN is released

    I just received the email saying my pre-ordered download is ready.
  2. J

    Demo Live

    Downloading now but very slow.
  3. Michael Dorosh

    Rate the CM:BN pre-release PR campaign

    Interested in the opinions of BFC's pre-release PR campaign. I've discussed it in a few threads. I think they've hit most of the nails squarely on the head this time. They had a number of solid public After Action Reports, some decent videos (even one of the damn box), a reasonable pre-order...
  4. Scott Tortorice

    Status Update

    Hot off the presses: I hate being teased like this. :) Since the manuals won't be back from the printers before next Friday, and they still have to work through a final release candidate and gold master, figure May 16 for release?
  5. Scott Tortorice

    Battle for Normandy Beta AAR 3

    I'm sure you guys saw this already, but just in case: I have to admit: this vid almost sold me on the game. The gameplay seems very reminiscent of CMBO. Now I'm not as worried that CMBN will turn out to just be a re-skinned CMSF. I am eager to...
  6. Q

    Gamerswithjobs pre-view, claims "beta" demo next week. was kind enough to provide GWJ with a preview build for this article. At the moment they are running a pre-order for the PC and Mac version. Next week I'm told there will be a playable beta demo. You can also download the manual, which...
  7. H

    Strong pre-sales may influence pushing back release date?

    My theory is that with the pre-order opened up, BFC is getting up front capital that can be used to give them the time to make any changes they need. The stronger the pre-order numbers, the longer the game will take to get released. This is notwithstanding the "when its done, its done"...
  8. J

    QB AAR rockpapershotgun

  9. Geordie

    New QB DAR started at BF

    The information so far has been good for those of you who enjoy a QB more than a scenario. I notice some good things so far; rarity points separated from purchase points, map previews by both players and the ability to attach units to platoons. This one should be quite interesting as it...
  10. Redwolf

    CMBN pre-order, tentative release date Pretty hard box preorder. Release for end of April, tentatively.
  11. Michael Dorosh

    Double or nothing time, Elvis?

    I believe the original bet was a June release. I would never have believed we would be in the same position a year later, but how confident are you in a June release in 2011? We now have an AAR and forum up and running. Who here would be brave enough to bet Elvis that there will be no...
  12. kawaiku

    Bay Area "Preview"

    Apparently some guys are going to put on a preview session in Oakland California. I live in the city and have actually been to Endgames and still attend school in the Bay Area. If I manage some free time I might consider this. Any of you all think I should go and check this "event" out if it...
  13. Michael Dorosh

    Steve's post on Infantry

    tl;dr Comments?
  14. Michael Dorosh

    The real question to answer about CM:BN (poll included)

    What 'extra' will the release include? Will there be a 'deluxe' version? :devious: This isn't a vote on what "should" be released, this a "bet" on what we think the likeliest release will look like. But feel free to discuss what you would "like" to see in the thread.
  15. Palantir

    Your mind on buying?

    With the initial posting for CM:BN what's your opinion now on buying the game upon release? 1. Yes, will buy on release. 2. No, will wait for player reviews then decide. 3. No, will wait for the first patch then decide. 4. No, won't be buying it at all.
  16. Michael Dorosh

    CM: Normandy Non-Announcement

    From Moon: Steve adds: So when they say the game will "definitely" come out in 2009 and we still haven't heard a peep by July 2010, what this non-announcement about "planning" for the official forum and website is...
  17. H

    Beta testing of CMN: What is the process, and what have they learned?

    We know that there were huge gaps in testing that lead to the crummy release of CMSF. I have several questions to pose: 1) What is the process involved with Beta testing? Do individual beta testers have different jobs, strengths (etc, bug spotting as opposed to scenario testing). 2) What...
  18. H

    Official CMN Release Date Betting Pool.

    Pick your date for the release of CMN. First come first serve. You can only choose once. You can only select a static three period date: ie 01/09/2015. The winner will receive a free copy of the game and a bag of Doritos... from Elvis. Since its my thread, I get to go first. My pick...
  19. KG_Jag

    Clue to Current State of CMN and Release Date

    From Steve in post #21: "The implementation of the unit purchase system was our last major coding task. There's still a lot of coding work to do, but we are moving ahead with "real" scenarios and the campaign construction probably sometime next week. What does that mean in terms of...
  20. KG_Jag

    CMN Release Date

    Although posted on the 5th, I did not see this until today (although Geordie did and has the last post on the thread): "We are still aiming to have the game itself done before the beginning of the year. Meaning all the features we plan on being added should be in the game. How long it will...