cm scenario design

  1. Michael Dorosh

    CM:BN Scenario Design issues

    As I set up my forces for round 5 in the diverse tourney, I note once again the potential to unbalance a scenario in CM:BO, CM:AK or CM:BB by letting loose on a bridge with HE and dropping it into a river. It occurs to me that in CM:SF, you could designate buildings, etc., as out of bounds...
  2. B

    Creating new scenarios and converting old ones

    Can anyone comment on the difficulty level of creating new scenarios relative to doing so in CMx1? Years ago I converted a few CMBO scenarios to CMAK and i'm hoping it won't be a huge PITA to convert CMx1 scenarios to CMN. I recall using a handy little map converter program that someone...
  3. Michael Dorosh

    Looking for a copy of Doug Beman's scenario STRUGGLE FOR SINGLING (CM:BO)

    This one was tendered for playtest in November 2001 and went to the old scenario depot run by Admiral Keth, but never made the transition to the new Scenario Depot. Apparently a version 1.1 was in the works in February 2002 but don't know if it was ever posted publicly. Either way, I would be...
  4. B

    Interesting debate at the Scenario Depot II

    You will have to be quick as the messages scroll down then vanish forever! Basically, a guy with the handle of Buq-buq wants Gary to host CMSF scenario's amd maps. Just wish Gary would turn up and say something! :( And MD, don't ask for a link! :D
  5. Michael Dorosh

    Looking for copy of original SP- Our Backs to the Volga

    I have WBRP's rewrite from the scenario depot, just wondering if anyone has a copy of the original SP - Our Backs to the Volga for CMBB by CapitalistdoginChina?