cm: normandy

  1. Scott Tortorice

    Battle for Normandy Beta AAR 3

    I'm sure you guys saw this already, but just in case: I have to admit: this vid almost sold me on the game. The gameplay seems very reminiscent of CMBO. Now I'm not as worried that CMBN will turn out to just be a re-skinned CMSF. I am eager to...
  2. Q

    Gamerswithjobs pre-view, claims "beta" demo next week. was kind enough to provide GWJ with a preview build for this article. At the moment they are running a pre-order for the PC and Mac version. Next week I'm told there will be a playable beta demo. You can also download the manual, which...
  3. E

    CMBN Manual

    Anyone want to read the manual for the game? OK. Here ya go:
  4. Redwolf

    Mac OS X version of CMBN

    Mac version for preorder. Good move. A little surprising that they can finish the Mac port before release, I was expected it to happen after the first patch or so.
  5. B

    Creating new scenarios and converting old ones

    Can anyone comment on the difficulty level of creating new scenarios relative to doing so in CMx1? Years ago I converted a few CMBO scenarios to CMAK and i'm hoping it won't be a huge PITA to convert CMx1 scenarios to CMN. I recall using a handy little map converter program that someone...
  6. H

    Strong pre-sales may influence pushing back release date?

    My theory is that with the pre-order opened up, BFC is getting up front capital that can be used to give them the time to make any changes they need. The stronger the pre-order numbers, the longer the game will take to get released. This is notwithstanding the "when its done, its done"...
  7. J

    New DRM explained 4 activations per year.
  8. E

    New screen shots

    Some new official screen shots went up the other day: They seem to have been taken at different times as some have newer hedgerow graphics and some don't.......
  9. J

    QB AAR rockpapershotgun

  10. Michael Dorosh

    Monitor choices for CM:BN

    I bought a new computer desk today. In the process of moving my computer "stuff" out of my "command post" in anticipation of putting it back into its new home, the monitor got tangled up and hit the ground. Well, I've had my 19" LCD since 2006, so maybe time to get a new one. A couple of pink...
  11. Redwolf

    CMBN pre-order, tentative release date Pretty hard box preorder. Release for end of April, tentatively.
  12. Michael Dorosh

    Double or nothing time, Elvis?

    I believe the original bet was a June release. I would never have believed we would be in the same position a year later, but how confident are you in a June release in 2011? We now have an AAR and forum up and running. Who here would be brave enough to bet Elvis that there will be no...
  13. H

    BFC AAR between Jon and Elvis

    Just read the DAR's Who here thinks that attacking will be most definately tougher in CMBN? Mein gott! I do not look forward to it! I am feeling that any grievances I had with the borg spotting system and LOS in CMx1 will fall heavily to the wayside! Also, I am sorry, but I just can't...
  14. Michael Dorosh

    The real question to answer about CM:BN (poll included)

    What 'extra' will the release include? Will there be a 'deluxe' version? :devious: This isn't a vote on what "should" be released, this a "bet" on what we think the likeliest release will look like. But feel free to discuss what you would "like" to see in the thread.
  15. Palantir

    Your mind on buying?

    With the initial posting for CM:BN what's your opinion now on buying the game upon release? 1. Yes, will buy on release. 2. No, will wait for player reviews then decide. 3. No, will wait for the first patch then decide. 4. No, won't be buying it at all.
  16. S

    Weapons teams in CM:BN

    I have been watching 'The Pacific' over the holiday and found the focus it has on weapons teams interesting. Good to see some attention finally being payed to the guys who are lugging the heavy stuff around the battlefield. This reminded me about one thing that always annoyed me a bit about...
  17. Mad Russian

    CM:B4N Abstracting

    Man, that's a lot of abstracting going on. Don't worry what your eyes tell you, let us worry about that. Don't worry that it looks like you can shoot through walls; it's just invisible doors and windows. Don't worry that your men have their heads above the side of the HT the code takes care of...
  18. Michael Dorosh

    CM:N forum is finally up and new title announced: Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy it is
  19. J

    December Screenshots CMN at BFC

    Looks nice from the shots, TOW like. Big news is that the dev of Empires of Steel got the DRM removed from his game. Does this signal something for BFC or did they just not care about an indy game?
  20. Geordie

    Comparisons between CMN/CMBB/PCO

    Obviously, like many others I have been following the threads at both Matrix and BF concerning new and upcoming ww2 games. I have to say that its been a refreshing change to have a company that actually shows what their game does. I am impressed by the guys making PCO, their openess, their...