cm: afghanistan

  1. Geordie

    CMA out in Russia

    From the vid it looks exactly the same as CMSF. Interface, commands, the lot. The buildings don't remind me of Afghanistan, they remind me of CMSF ones. Where the mud brick? I don't know whAt the guy is saying, but its clear he can't work the interface...
  2. Q

    Cm:a aar
  3. KG_Jag

    Steve Mini-Interview by ACG About CM Afghanistan

    Not much to learn, except that BF thinks it is close enough to a release date to do an interview about the upcoming game--their second using the CM x 2 (2.5?) engine and first developed by a third party. Link:
  4. W

    CM:A beta tester AAR

    It's late so i'll make this short and sweet. Normal Dude has recently posted an CM:A AAR located here
  5. Michael Dorosh

    Afghanistan First

    Order of release, based on March 31st posting: so we shouldn't expect Normandy until the Afghanistan release has actually occurred. Normandy seems further out now somehow.
  6. KG_Jag

    CM Afghanistan

    What's this all about--as described on the BF forum: Post # 33 "Sorry for leaving you guys hanging. In our defense, it wasn't our choice to have someone figure this out over the 4th of July holiday weekend So here comes some off-the-cuff responses: Many months ago we partnered with a...