1. Tigleth Pilisar

    ASL Calgary Sentry Box Saturday Feb 10 at noon

    Hello. Time to kick off the year with our first ASL Calgary community game day next weekend! Next Saturday at noon we will have Advanced Squad Leader open play at the Sentry Box. Play a casual game with any other ASL player. We have some space reserved and officially start close to noon, but...
  2. dachda

    Maine has a new ASL club

    If you haven't been reading the Facebook page for ASL, you might not know that the newly formed ASL club for Maine had its first game day this past weekend. Three games played, two finished, one a Rally Point 3 player game ended early but with a likely Russian victory. I managed to squeak out...
  3. X

    Godz Minnionz

    I am Grand Admiral xgmx, the owner and founder of Clan Godz Minnionz, a multiplayer video game club. I founded Godz Minnionz in 2004 as a small clan, and since then we have gotten over 300 dedicated members and have opened diplomatic negotiations with over 100 other clubs. I would...