close combat

  1. Tycho

    Close Combat vs partially broken stack

    Going into CC against a Pillbox. Inside are a GO crew and a broken squad. If they are attacked together is the -2 vs a broken unit DRM applied to the single DR for the whole stack? For example, odds of 1:1 and a DR of 6. Does that kill everyone or kill the broken guy and leave the crew unharmed?
  2. Servius

    Modified CCT (Odds For Dummies)

    Since I couldn't wrap my head around the 3-2 ratio in the CC odds, I researched the topic and created the following table. If you keep a calculator handy, divide the attacking FP by the defending FP and resolve to the left on the decimal odds if the ratio is not exact. e.g. 12 - 8 == 12 / 8...
  3. Tycho


    Close combat... Can a unit attempt to withdraw from CC/melee (A11.21) in the first round of close combat? Melee is listed as occurring if units from both sides survive the first attacks (A11.15). In the giant sequence of play foldout, in step 8.15B the word melee is in italics, which...
  4. Tycho

    Ambush and Leadership modifier

    My Internet search capabilities are lacking today.. Not pinned while stacked with a MMC - *must* (instead of *may*) you use your leadership modifier when rolling for ambush? It looks like the A11.4 paragraph and table don't give you the option not to, but we weren't sure. I'm thinking I...
  5. S

    Overstacking in CC

    I am old-time ASL guy returning to the game and I am reviewing my rusty infantry tactics and rule knowledge by solo-playing through the Guards Counterattack. I would humbly appreciate any rule clarification concerning overstacking in close combat that the forum may offer. As a brief...
  6. H

    Infiltration and leader creation

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, but have been playing ASL for decades. Looking forward to learning to know this forum. I have a question about infiltration and leader creation. We had the following close combat situation (no ambush occured): Attacker: 348 HS plus hero Defender: 458 squad...
  7. Michael R

    G1.64 Japanese HtH CC

    This rule basically states that during the Japanese player turn, close combat will be HtH most of the time. Jon Cole and I encountered a situation about which we had a doubt. He, as the Japanese, advanced a concealed unit into a hex containing an enemy unit. During the CC Phase, he decided...
  8. F

    CC/Melee with broken units on both sides (also the world's worst glider landing)

    Sorry for the longwinded question... I just wanted to give context to make sure eveyone understands how I could possibly have got into the situation I did. If I messed something up that would normally make the below situation impossible, I'd love to know! Here's the action: Pegasus Bridge...
  9. tunixx

    What is the effect of fire on a halftrack in melee ?

    Please take a look at the attached picture: The 2-2-8 is overrun by a US halftrack (No effect). The halftrack choses to stay in that hex. The 2-2-8 gets a chance to kill the halftrack in CC but fails. So the 2-2-8 is held in melee by the halftrack, but the halftrack is NOT held in melee by...
  10. James Taylor

    Melee Withdrawal Timing

    Half-squad is in melee with an immobilized vehicle. Troops friendly to the vehicle advance into the melee. CC is sequential because of the vehicle. May the half-squad withdraw without being attacked by the enemy infantry/vehicle because it gets to go first in the sequential CC? Or does...