1. Jeremydepp90

    Hello from Chicago! New guy here

    Hello. My name is Jeremy, I live in Chicago. Thank you for accepting me into the group “GamesQuad". Happy to be a member. Anyway I am looking forward to meeting some of you in the near future. Until then…. Please be patient if I ask stupid questions, I will try my best to use the search...
  2. cthulhutheold

    NEW GROUP For FTF Play in ILL All Welcome to the "ASL Southwest Outpost"

    Hi All, A few of us started to meet to get ready for the ASL Open, Now look what is happening!!! Bill , after our game, suggested that we call ourselves something now that we got people coming regularly. I have been signing my correspondence with some guys as "reporting from the S/W...
  3. K

    ASL on the Road

    Headed up to Chicago Sunday for a week on business. Anyone up for an evening game during the week? Journal 9 has some good quick stuff that might be fun, like: 137, 139, 140, 146*.:D