1. Brian W

    G11.83 Caves and Mortars

    Rule:G11.83 Question:May a Japanese Lt. MTR in a Cave use Spotted Fire (C9.3)? If yes, is the MTR restricted to firing within the Cave's CA as other Direct Fire weapons are? No; G11.83 line 4 at the end of the EXC add "(but it may not use Spotted Fire; C9.3)". ....Perry MMP
  2. Swiftandsure

    Rule C 9.3 Spotting

    Rule:C9.3 Spotters Question:A Spotter must be Good Order to spot. A new Spotter may not be designated until the original Spotter is "eliminated, broken or captured". Does this mean that a berserk spotter forfeits any possbility of designing another Spotter, at the same time as it, being no more...
  3. S

    Deploying Spotters

    Can a squad which has been designated as a Spotter for a mortar be deployed, one of the resulting GO HS retaining the Spotting ability? The EXC at the end of 9.3 explicitly allows a GO HS resulting from the CR of a Spotting squad to retain Spotting ability, but I could find no mention of...