1. AZslim


    All, If a vehicle pays to stop, eligible infantry do not pay the +2 for CC against it, correct? ie, Street fighting, CC reaction fire. More broadly, I have always argued that when a rule specifically says Motion/Non-Stopped, when a vehicle pays the stop MP, it no longer applies. Example...
  2. mgmasl

    street fighting againts an AFV spending 1 MP to start

    Hello I have always played that an AFV spending the first MP to start can be attacked with street fighting without the +2 drm for non-stopped/moving vehicle. I´m not sure with 2nd edition rules, but I feel I´m not playing right. :OHNO: Same with the Point blank modifier from and...
  3. ctewks

    Motion target in prep fire

    If you hit a Motion vehicle during your prep fire and shock it (therefore not moving) would any subsequent shots in that same prep fire phase still eat the +2 for a moving target?