1. thively

    ATR's and Point Blank Modifier C6.3 and C13.1

    Situation: German squad with ATR ADJACENT to French tank, wants to fire the ATR as ordnance and believes ATR should get Case L PBF TH modifier based on the exception in the rule (C6.3 Ordnance [EXC: non-ATR LATW using its own TH table; 13.] firing at a range of one or two hexes is considered to...
  2. K

    Point Blank Fire

    Situation: My opponant moves an AFV adjacent to my stopped AFV and stops. I fire against the stop MP and believe I can claim the -2 pbf TH DRM since the vehicle is now stopped. My opponant claims that becuase the target is still considered moving I cannot apply the mod. I claim that the fact...