1. Robin Reeve

    Board 50 V5 Bridge level

    Hi all, I have played the 50V5 bridge as if it were at 1 level. But as there is a portion of level 0 hex at both ends, I think that it actually is at level 0 - thus movement to/from W5 and U6 implies a 1 level change. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on the question.
  2. Tycho

    BoF 12 victory conditions question

    Hi All, About to start this one up. The historical situation is that the Russians have landed an elite force west of a canal with a larger force coming on from the East and fighting their way through Japanese lines to them. The VC are for the Russians to hold one building on the west side of...
  3. volgaG68

    Overlay Bridge Overlays 2016-09-17

    A helpful Player Aid that removes the clutter of counters from your map. It contains overlays for both standard and pontoon bridges of varying lengths. I'm not sure who originally developed this, but I personally thank him because I use them all the time.
  4. K

    Bridge Rout Question - Pegasus Bridge

    Where would a unit in hex Y19 rout to if there is a known enemy unit in hex Z17? Here's the map (excerpt): An oddity came up while playing a Pegasus Bridge scenario the other day. Units broke in Y19 and then we got to the rout phase. Typically they would rout toward the nearest woods...