board games

  1. G

    Make and Play your own board games online

    Fellow Game Designers, Check out this board game creating engine at GameStructor You can create your own online board game! Game boards, decks, dice, are drawn with pixel art. Create a brand new game or change up your favorite game. Create role playing maps or a crazy games with your own art...
  2. M

    Wars across the World on Kickstarter

    Here is the link : The concept is ambitious: "simulating in one single system ALL conflicts throughout the world". I played the board game version of one of the battles (Hamilkar 264) and the core game system is very...
  3. Scott Tortorice

    A Board Game Renaissance

    One of the things that I am finding so fascinating about the current board game / minis scene is how fecund it all is! When I left board games in the early to mid 90s, the board game world was in dire straits. Giants like Avalon Hill, GDW, and others were all cashing in their chips. Of...
  4. D

    Quoridor board game to play online

    I found that the Quoridor board game can be played free online :D. The A.I. is good enought, but I like to play the multiplayer mode. the link: Quoridor board game Enjoy!
  5. Scott Tortorice

    Bored Games

    Bruce Pandolfini has an interesting article on board games over at Bored Games I learned a lot...certainly more than I ever wanted to know! :D