black ops

  1. Scott Tortorice

    Black Ops 3

    This could be...interesting. Having a CoD shooter set in a Deus Ex reality offers a lot of possibilities: We'll know more in two days.
  2. Scott Tortorice

    The Rock Wants In On A 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' Movie

    For what it's worth: The Rock Wants In On A 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' Movie
  3. Scott Tortorice

    I took the plunge

    Having worn Bad Company 2 threadbare from almost 140 hours, I finally broke down and purchased Black Ops. I know it is going to be a much different experience from BC2, but that is okay. A change of pace is good. I am particularly looking forward to all the unlocks and customization options...
  4. Scott Tortorice

    501 Kills

    Glad I didn't shell out the $60 for this game: The part with the knife kills at the spawn point is just ludicrous!
  5. Scott Tortorice

    All I Want for Christmas

    :D BTW: Amazon has discounted CoD: BO to $39 for today only!
  6. Scott Tortorice

    The Best Commercial Ever!

    This is a great commercial not just because it is funny, but because it shows how gaming is not just about marketing to kids anymore! Great! BTW: Anybody going to get CoD:BO on Tuesday? I'm probably gonna wait for some reviews.
  7. Scott Tortorice

    Black Ops Multiplayer

    I've been having so much fun with BC2, that I am finding myself interested in some other shooters. Black Ops looks like it is going to have some cool ideas: I was never a fan of the original CoD multiplayer. I hated the sound design (all the weapons...