1. Scott Tortorice

    What should be my Christmas Game for 2013?

    It's not Christmas without a new toy under the tree...or on the HDD. With that in mind, which should I pick as my Christmas Game this year? Usually, it is "Christmas Games" because there is so much to pick from, but 2013 was such a lousy gaming year that one game is more than enough. :D...
  2. Scott Tortorice

    What mods are you using?

    I'm curious what mods other people are using. The last time I set-up my copy of CMBN, I used: Eliminate the Red Cross mod Veins Explosions and Smoke mod Veins Flames mod Veins Sounds mod (much better than the default CMBN sounds) zCMBN Wolfe Reduced Shimmer Roads and Terrain mod I've been...
  3. Scott Tortorice

    CMBN V1.01 Released

    I was hoping for the inclusion of penetration decals on vehicles. :OHNO: CMBN v.1.01 Released