battlefield 2

  1. Hovned31

    Battlefield 2 Modern Combat online games

    Is anyone else having problems connecting to online games of Battlefield 2? Everytime I search for a new game I get a message that no games are available.
  2. N

    Recruiting for BF2142, and BF2!!! (-MeS-)

    (-MeS-) is recruiting and anyone is invited, here is what were looking for: We are looking for fun, positive gamers. We choose attitude over skill. Our clan is based on friendship and fun, if you don't like that you can just get out. Almost all of our members are Brigadier Generals and are...
  3. M

    BF2 clan is recruiting!

    Hi, Do you play Battlefield 2 and you want a clan to join? Then this is the place where you must be! CLAN: Special Tactical Unit CLANTAG: =STU=* / -STU-* / STU* URL: If you wanne join STU you have at least: - Your kill/death ratio has a minimum of 0.25. -...