1. synicbast

    Snakey Pete's ASLOK AAR Part 3 Tuesday and Wednesday

    Clarification: Previous instalments were a day out for when I met people, due to the issue of jet lag and the days all merging into one. Tuesday 5th October I'd finally managed to get some sleep and gawd was it needed. I had breakfast with some of the ANZAC crew and the Euros. Feeling more...
  2. synicbast

    Snakey Pete's ASLOK AAR Part 1

    Friday October 1 Up at 6am to catch the 9am train to Sydney for the 2:35 pm flight to San Francisco. I was bringing my PTO boards, a folder of Action Pack scenarios and the AP6 boards, the rulebook, some dice, system counters and the Japanese, Chinese and Soviets along with some Red Barricades...
  3. G

    ASLSK#1 Opponents in South Jersey

    I'm a ASLSK noob looking for opponents in south jersey. Drop me a line if your interested in setting up a game or if you know of any groups playing ASL in SJ. Thanks
  4. B

    Winter of Discontent AP 19

    Moving along with our Few Returned mini-campaign, Gruppo Nord defends the town of Chertkovo. Victory in this scenario is granted to the side that amasses the most VP’s, CVP as well as 1VP for each building hex. The Axis has his normal allotment of OB and several counterattack groups from which...
  5. ireland94

    Color coded Close Combat Table Odds Ratio - NO MATH REQUIRED from 1;1 to 50:30
  6. ireland94

    New color coded Close Combat Table Odds Ration - NO math required from 1:1 to 50:30
  7. K

    Trenches with Wire and Lower-level Locations

    Does a unit moving from a lower-elevation location into a trench with Wire in hex go on top of the wire or underneath the wire? Here is the situation: A squad is at level 1 in a trench with Wire in the hex and is under the Wire. The squad moves one hex to a ground level location across a...
  8. tunixx

    Breakout from Borisov Victory Conditions

    Victory in this scenario is based upon board control. The Russians need to have more than twice as many Victory Points than the Germans to control a board. The Victory conditions say "VP are counted as Good order Exit VP". Are immobilized tanks counted as valid VPs or are they ignored as they...
  9. P

    Looking for ASLSK PBEM opponent

    Hey all, I'm looking for somebody to PBEM some ASLSK #1 scenarios with, 5-7 plays a week.
  10. Rindis

    J67 The Lawless Roads AAR In Progress

    After finishing the Market-Garden set, Patch and I are playing one of the early-war scenarios in Journal 4 featuring Carriers. The British are trying to clear a road through a village (no GO Germans on or adjacent to it), but the Germans are already strongly defending the town. In addition to...
  11. H

    dumb question about pinned units

    From a complete noob playing solo at home .... It's unclear to me when to remove the pin counters from pinned units. Is it: 1) at the end of each player's turn for all players regardless of whether they are attacker or defender? 2) at the end of a game turn, i.e. when the turn chart...
  12. tunixx

    (V)ASL reloaded -Berlin, Germany

    Looking for opponent. Either FtF in Berlin or by VASL (Central European Time). Skype is OK for me. Haven't played since 2003. I'd like to play basic scenarios (chapter A-D), but I'm willing to switch to more complicatet stuff later. CU Bjoern
  13. SamB

    ASL / Minatures Tourney in Seattle! - "Enfilade!"

    Enfilade! 2009 is this Memorial Day Weekend, May 22 (Friday), 23 (Saturday), 24 (Sunday), 2009 at the Red Lion Hotel Olympia. This is a large (200+ attendees) tournament of Historical Miniatures gamers. There will be several game vendors there and I expect about thirty ASL players to show up and...
  14. D

    My First AAR

    Hi everyone. I've just written my first AAR. Have tried to write it from the officers Journal perspective however not ever being in the miliatary i have no idea what that actually is... :D :D but at least im honest. i've posted it on my blogg where it looks MUCH better. I'll be greatful...