1. Pushofpike

    Learning ASL in the San Diego area

    Hi. I am looking for any players that can help me learn ASL by friendly battles. In the San Diego and SoCal area. I am also a member of SoCalASL. I am free to travel to LA area, etc. I also play other WWII tactical games like Lock N Load, Band of Brothers Screaming Eagles, and War Storm...
  2. wrongway149

    How many 'encircled' counters in the game?

    Question for the armory geeks: How many 'encircled' markers came with Beyond Valor? Did any come with other core modules or official HASLs? Thanks
  3. S

    ASL get together in Abington Va.

    Sept. 17th ASL get together to meet some new players . We will have a conference room and Pizza . Give me a notice if you may attend ! Exit 19 81 Abington Va.
  4. Michael R

    G42 Youth's First Blood

    This is a scenario with multilayered VC that forces both sides to think hard about how their actions will impact their VC. At game end, the side having amassed the most points wins. Points are awarded at game end as follows: The Germans receive 1 point if they Control more board 10 stone...
  5. Michael R

    Rout question

    Please see the attached image which has part of board 10. It is the start of the rout phase in the German player turn. I believe the British 248 would be unwise to voluntarily break because its rout destination would be building T8, where it must stop. Then it would be eliminated for being...
  6. Attenzionen

    Opponent wanted for PBEM

    Hi everyone! I find myself preparing for my first ever ASL tournament participation at Grenadier 2016. Thus I am looking forward to playing quite a few cool ASL scenarios. Alas, they need a lot of preparation and more important I need more practice. Therefore I am looking for anybody...
  7. L

    Opponent wanted for FtF, PBEM, and/or Vassal live

    Hey all! I am a relatively new but experienced ASL player looking to fill my roster up with games. I would generally like to play experienced people at the game and would appreciate them being patient with some of my unfamiliarity with some of the rules, though I think I am pretty solid on...
  8. Michael R

    VBM question

    Please refer to the attached map section. An AFV in K6 moves into bypass of the L6 building on the L6-L5 hexside. Can it then spend 3 MP to pivot and move into bypass of the M6 building on the M6-L6 hexside? I ask because it feels a little like teleporting from hex L6 to hex M6.
  9. Michael R

    Broken Ground question for 81 Fratricidal Fighting

    Broken Terrain question for 81 Fratricidal Fighting The scenario has an SSR stating "Broken Terrain is in effect for non-hill hexes". Rule F13.1 mentions hexes accessible to Hammada hexes as having the Broken Terrain characteristics. If a Hammada hex is on the hill, is an adjacent...
  10. CrosleyPup

    Dice Tower with Bluetooth

    Just finished my new dice tower. It has a LCD screen to display the combatants with their ELR and SAN. It also shows the current player turn as well as the number of turns left. I use a bluetooth terminal app on my Android phone to connect to the tower to enter all the values. Here is a...
  11. Michael R

    My photos from Nor'Easter XX

    They are on FaceBook, but you don't need an account to see them.
  12. Michael R

    Tell me how you cut your SK style maps in half

    I have duplicates, so I wish to cut the duplicates and use them when a half map is appropriate for a scenario. The question is how to cut them perfectly straight in exactly the right place.
  13. Michael R

    ADJACENT TO ROAD entry question

    Side A can enter on/adjacent to a road hex on the short side (ten hexes) of a map board. That edge has a road split across hexes numbered five and six. For ease of discussion, let us say A5 and A6. Does on/adjacent to a road hex then mean Side A can enter using hexes A4, A5, A6 and A7? TIA
  14. Michael R

    OA7 Celles Melee question

    I have the errata from the MMP web page: ASL OA7 (Celles Melee): Setup is simultaneous and the Americans move first. SSR 2, however, states "Prior to setup, the German player must secretly record the hex of entry for all of his units". Does SSR 2 really mean "Prior to seeing the American...
  15. Michael R

    a box for your maps

    who knew?
  16. Attenzionen

    Looking for ASL / ASLSK FtF opponent in Aachen, Germany

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for a face-to-face ASL/ASLSK opponent in Aachen, Germany. Hallo ASLer im Westen! Ich möchte gerne mit der ASL Szene hier Kontakt aufnehmen. Am schönsten fände ich direkte Treffen zum gemeinsamen Spiel. Leider habe ich Grenadier 2015 verpasst. Das soll nicht...
  17. A

    Need someone to teach me ASLSK

    Hello all, I discovered ASL a few weeks ago after having read some articles about the game and looked at some videos of it on Youtube. I have now bought starter kit #1 but I find it difficult to learn this game and I have no one to play -and study the rules with. So I'm looking for an...
  18. Michael R

    to past Ortona play testers

    I have a question. The rules that I received specify to treat Olive Groves as "out of season", which is contrary to the actual rule B14.8 that states they are always "in season". As well, my research found that olive trees do not normally drop their leaves. If anyone can remember any...
  19. Tigernaut

    Platoon Movement in Woods

    A conundrum with the Impulse movement for a Platoon, whilst progressing through Woods. Impulse Movement is simultaneous for all AFVs, and when traversing Woods I need only make one Bog Check for the entire Platoon, RS determining which are affected, with different DRM applying to different...
  20. Michael R

    Photos from Saint Louis