1. Neal

    Lesson 05 - Placing Overlays

    Lesson 05: Placing overlays. We continue building on The Eastern Gate scenario example by learning how to download overlays from, and place them correctly on the previously cropped boards from Lesson 04.
  2. Neal

    Lesson 04 - Cropping Your Boards

    Lesson 04: Cropping your boards. This lesson continues with cropping the boards for the scenario The Eastern Gate to match the scenario card. But after this lesson you should be able to position and crop boards for any scenario you choose to set up in the future.
  3. Neal

    Lesson 03 - Starting Your First Scenario

    Lesson 03: Starting your first scenario. I've chosen a specific scenario (63 - The Eastern Gate) and will step you through several lessons on how to go from scenario sheet to a complete VASL setup for that scenario.
  4. Neal

    Lesson 02 - Basic Board Setup

    Lesson 02: Where and how to download, set up, and load your first basic board configuration ... the first part of playing a scenario. This will get you ready to begin the multi-part lesson on how to set up a real example scenario, starting with Lesson 03.
  5. Neal

    Lesson 01 - Installation

    Lesson 01: How to download and install everything needed to use VASL (Virtual Advanced Squad Leader). 1) Java - 2) The Vassal Engine - 3) The VASL module - One thing I forgot to mention in my video is how to check if you already have...
  6. Neal

    VASL 101/201 - Intro & Lesson List

    Hey fellow and future VASLers. Slight update: It's been almost 2 years since I did the majority of these videos, a few aspects of VASL have evolved slightly over that time. But, the VAST majority of the info covered in these lessons still applies. (May 1, 2022) I'm in the process of creating a...
  7. samtyson

    Hatten in Flames Rules Index 2

    an index of the rules by topic
  8. HistoryTablePod

    June 26-28, 2020 - HistoriKC Fest ASL Summer Sizzle with KC ASL

    June 26-28, 2020 Overland Park Convention Center A 3 day convention for wargames and historical board games (political games, 18XX, etc.). Early bird discount available for those who register before January 1, 2020. We are happy to have Kansas City ASL on hand for the...
  9. Michael R

    Burnt by C13.31 wording

    First sentence of PF Usage: The PF is a potentially inherent SW of every German Infantry unit after September 1943... and later sentence: Possible encounters with PFk can occur anytime after July 1943, but only as per SSR. So I assume NO PF until October 1943. BUT further down the rule, it...
  10. Michael R

    combination terrain?

    In the attached photo, is hex G2 combination bamboo-woods terrain for the purpose of moving from F1 to G2? Is the MF cost two as for woods, or minimum move as for bamboo? Thanks.
  11. RandyT0001

    In Grain Road Overlays

    Yes, I have a created another overlay monster, road overlays. They can be used for ASL or SL. Like before set your printer margins to 1/4 inch and it should print, landscape format, at a scale suitable for use on the boards. There are no position numbers and really never can be. I refer to them...
  12. Tigleth Pilisar

    Alberta ASL Assault Tournament - November 17/18

    Check out the two training sessions and the Alberta ASL Assault Tournament that will be held at the Sentry Box in Calgary: Alberta ASL Assault Link Send any questions you have to Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested. See you there!
  13. RandyT0001

    Overlay Board 6 Classical Ruins 2017-09-03

    Large overlay to cover the chateau area within the walls and hedges of board 6
  14. Michael R

    ROAR record for just one scenario

    Someone, I cannot remember who it was, gave this url to me: LINK It allows us to look up one scenario instead of listing them all to know a scenario record. The site probably will not be around forever, but I plan to use it.
  15. T

    FtF worth fort

    Looking for players in the Dfw texas area interested in Asl can contact me at r_garringer long time player who's now retired with too much free time on his hands
  16. Michael R

    FT196 SPITTELMARKT SSR question

    SSR 2: Before setup, each player (starting Russian and alternating) must place 5 rubble counters and then 4 shellhole counters in eligible hexes. I can derive two meanings from that statement. Meaning #1: a total of 10 rubble counters and 8 shellhole counters are placed. Meaning #2: a total...
  17. von Garvin

    ASL public calendar of upcoming tournaments

    Hi All. After scouring the interwebs, I have completed a public calendar on google that has upcoming ASL tournaments. This is a living document. Please have a look and send me a note if you have or know of a tourney upcoming that isn't listed...
  18. Michael R

    My West Coast Melee experience

    My experience at the West Coast Melee was very enjoyable. The organizers did a great job to keep everything running smoothly. Their tournament format is unique and innovative. Thursday was an open gaming day. On Friday, they hold as many mini-tournaments as the number of attendees require. I...
  19. von Marwitz

    ASL Counter Labels for use with A75 & A78 RAACO inserts + Assorters covering all ASL Core Modules v1.0

    This is the PDF version of a file which provides labels to use with A75 & A78 RAACO inserts and RAACO Assorters and covers all ASL Core Modules (and a bit more) with roughly 1100 labels. A separate article available at GS forum explains this file in detail and is downloadable here...
  20. von Marwitz

    Article The 'Ultimate' RAACO Storage v1.0

    This 22 page article provides what I would have liked when I began planning to set up a RAACO storage for my ASL stuff in one file: Basic premises before you start, hardware needed, best way to organize counters according to premises along with thoughts & reasoning behind it, process & best...