1. Gordon

    Print your own Moving Vehicular Target counter sheet (C.8) 2021-10-06

    I print this sheet with a 94% zoom setting onto full sheet label paper and then apply each side to a chipboard sheet and then use the cut marks to cut the sheet into 1/2" counters.
  2. lvet

    Confused on how to start playing ASL

    Greetings from Spain, I used to play the original Squad Leader during the 80s when I was a teenager. I would like to get back to this wonderful game but I am facing few challenges. I have several question The standard Advanced Squad Leader box set is really difficult to find. It looks like...
  3. ScottRomanowski

    Map La Gleize map with levels marked (vsav) 1

    A .vsav file with the hexsides where the elevation changes marked by dragable perimeter lines. Ten .jpg files each with one level highlighted in purple.
  4. ScottRomanowski

    Map Cheneux map with levels marked (vsav) 1

    A .vsav file with the hexsides where the elevation changes marked by dragable perimeter lines. Six .jpg files each with one level highlighted in white.
  5. ScottRomanowski

    Map Pegasus Bridge map with levels marked (vsav) 2

    A .vsav file with the hexsides where the elevation changes marked by dragable perimeter lines. Four .jpg files each with one level highlighted in purple.
  6. Michael R

    Sniper and Seaborne Assault

    I found this interesting tidbit hidden in G14.26, a DYO section. I believe it applies to both regular and DYO scenarios. G14.261 SAN: The purchased SAN of the Assaulting side in a DYO daytime scenario is increased by the following applicable amount (to a maximum of 7). However, its SAN is...
  7. robertdelwood

    ASLSK 4 Online Rules ASLSK 4 online rules. This should make reading the rules easier, and especially with searching. This is a prototype and being updated. This version is the rules only, with no graphics and no examples. There are many links, to rules or terms. The wording...
  8. Michael R

    B23.71 and FFE Blast Area

    On 05/12/2021 10:41 PM Michael Rodgers <> wrote: Part of B23.71 states: Such units moving/routing on the ground level expend three MF (one to "bypass" in the hex it is leaving where it would be attacked by any OBA/Residual-FP and two to enter the building) Picture two...
  9. Michael R

    Pillbox SOP Guide 1.0

    Pillbox rules are listed according to their relation to the sequence of play in ASL. The guide also includes two tables regarding pillbox elimination and pillbox CA, NCA TEM.
  10. Dennis Hess

    Dinant CG - Fate of Gun being Towed by an Immobilized unarmed, unarmored halftrack

    If an unarmed, unarmored vehicle, towing a Gun or Pontoon Section, becomes Immobilized on a Narrow Street, is that Gun/Pontoon removed along with the Immobilized vehicle per D8.1? Situation: A Sniper '1' attack Immobilizes an unarmed, unarmored halftrack, which is towing a Gun, a Narrow Street...
  11. Dwindham

    Critical Hit: Dien Bien Phu Squad Leader Review Video

    An in-depth video/review of Critical Hits Dien Bien Phu Comp that I made I was mostly inspired because I did not see a any open box review of Critical Hit's products and I also wanted to see what I personally thought vs what Desperation Morale had wrote.
  12. A

    Star Wars ASL

    I’ve made this account specifically for this Idea I had several months ago. ASL, but translated to Star Wars. Admittedly I don’t have much ASL experience, but I like the game system and the community. I drew up some initial squads for clone troopers and wanted some brutal yet constructive...
  13. sswann

    The Lighthouse Vers 2

    The US 6th Ranger Battalion's first combat mission in the PTO.
  14. DQuin

    Tom Morin’s VOTG SASL CG?

    I’m loving SASL and have seen somewhere that Tom Morin developed SASL CG rules at some point but it doesn’t look like they were ever published (or ever will be). Are there copies available anywhere? I’d love to play through the SASL CG if possible.
  15. Neal

    Lesson 11 - Connecting to the Server

    Lesson 11: The final VASL 101 basic course lesson! This is a simple one. You've "mastered" all the basic aspects of VASL, from installing the engine and module, all the way to setting up a scenario. Now it's time to play! This lesson is easy. I show you how to set up and connect to the VASL...
  16. Neal

    Lesson 10 - Building Your Order of Battle

    Lesson 10: Now that your basic playing area is built out for the example scenario The Eastern Gate, it's time to start pulling counters to represent the order of battle show on the scenario card. In this lesson I show you how to use the newly integrated search function as well as how to navigate...
  17. Neal

    Lesson 09 - Adding Basic Scenario Info

    Lesson 09: We're close to being able to start playing our first scenario. Next I show you how to add the bare minimum required to play a scenario: turn track, turn markers, phase track, and north indicator. I also show you an example (Decision at Elst setup) of what you will be able to do in an...
  18. Neal

    Lesson 08 - The LOS Tool

    Lesson 08: I go over how to use the LOS tool, how to set colors to indicate clear, hindered, or blocked LOS, how to turn on verbose mode to display additional LOS information, and the difference between normal LOS checks and Silent LOS checks.
  19. Neal

    Lesson 07 - Navigating the Menu

    Lesson 07: Navigating the menu. Sorry this lesson ran a little long, but I wanted to show new (and old) users how to navigate around the VASL board. How to use the map insert (especially for large map layouts, the button/counter bar and how to customize it (if you choose), the difference between...
  20. Neal

    Lesson 05a - Advanced Overlays Extension

    Lesson 05a: Advanced overlays. This lesson is essentially a repeat of placing the overlays on The Eastern Gate scenario, but by using the more visually intuitive VASL overlay extension instead. I show you how to download, configure, and use the overlay extension.