asl journal 8

  1. Kevin Kenneally

    J8 articles?

    All, I am wondering which article, in YOUR opinion, is the best article for J8? I like the Dave Olie article.
  2. paulkenny

    J8's Preview of Coming Attractions

    Was as usual impressed by Journal 8 and especially excited about the preview of coming attractions. Looking forward to HP! However, I was disappointed to see that the Rarities Pack was not even mentioned. That product will truly "finish" the system and no mention seems to mean YEARS until...
  3. Tater

    J8 / Crosstown Traffic

    The subject article has to be one of the finest, if not the finest ASL article I have ever read. The detail...the covered every thing in an easy to read format. The use of a summation at critical junctures of the rules reinforces the detail in a simplistic yet almost mnemonic...
  4. Honus

    J8 Reception Phase

    I have rolled < 6 and have received my copy of J8.
  5. B

    J8 ready to ship?

    Just got hit for the product on my cc.:cool: AP 6 soon? FKaC next? It's not even baseball season....
  6. wrongway149

    J8 scenarios -most likely to succeed?

    Which of the scenarios from Journal number eight is most likely to become an all-time classic? Of course Elephants Unleashed has a lot of momentum going , but I think my Schloss can stay with it over the long haul.