asl: alternate eras

  1. L

    Asl ww1?

    This may be a silly question, but has anyone ever created a WWI version of ASL? Thanks
  2. E

    World War One ASL

    I thought I read a thread that someone was making world war one for the asl system. I saw something on critical hit's website. But no information when it will be coming out. Has any one else seen this? I would be very interested in this if it does see the light of day.
  3. dlazov

    At it again

    Would anyone really want to play ASL with Zula Wars? How about Col. Roosevelt...
  4. Pitman

    New Desperation Morale Blog Essay: Innovation in ASL

    There's a new ASL opinion essay on the Desperation Morale blog: Same Old Same Old? The Presence (or Lack) of Innovation in ASL
  5. 62nd Army

    The madness continues

    Gentlemen Check out the latest price on this "item" from Wild Bill. I am a completeist, but this is just sad. To each his own I guess. Regards Joe...
  6. footsteps

    More from Wild Bill

    Silver Wings When It All Went Wrong Death From Above This one actually looks like it may be adding some nice eye-candy. One Out of Four I wonder if Psycho's scenario is included in this one. Green Steel 3
  7. Pitman

    Consumer Alert - E-bay Vietnam/Korea "products"

    Most people are aware of "Wild Bill Wilder" creating a stream of ASL products on Vietnam and the Korean War and selling them on E-bay one at a time, with copies going from $100 to $350 each, as completists rush to get them. Just from the E-bay descriptions, I had serious reservations about...
  8. Gunner Scott

    ONE WILD RIDE Black Horse Armored Cavalry Nam ASL Wow, $250.00, that much...
  9. Gunner Scott

    World War I Eastern Front for ASL

    Hi- Was doing some reading about WWI and found that the eastern front was not as static as the western front. The Germans had mounted several operations as did the Russians that could resemble ASL but without the tanks. As for troop type, from what I read, the Russian Army in WWI seemed to...
  10. D

    Any future for ASL outside WWII

    I've seen a thread with harsh critics to a Korea (or Vietnam, don't really remember) war module. I'm still a beginner playing ASLSK, so I can't really judge those modules. But I also play TOAW and the thing I like the most about it is it's flexibility. Being able to try any conflict on the...
  11. Whizbang1963

    Korea and Beyond

    Whether or not we like the idea, ASL has been expanding to cover Korea and beyond. Do you think this is a good thing? Once we get past Korea (with the exception of some of the aircraft and helicopters not much had really changed in combat syle) do the changes morph ASL into something completely...
  12. Gunner Scott

    KOREA: ORDEAL AT CHOSIN ASL Variant 1 Winter 1950 I wonder how much this...
  13. Gunner Scott

    GLORY & GRIEF 2 ASL Vietnam Variant Module TWO

    Well, here is this guys second module in the nam series, with Armor to boot. Did MMP give this guy the nod to produce this module just becouse the counters look very official looking...
  14. spwhites

    ASL outside the traditional WWII period

    This poll is an attempt to gage your interest in playing ASL to simulate periods outside of WWII: Any war with bullets WWI pre-1939 (e.g. Spanish Civil War) 1939-1945 only Korean War Vietnam War
  15. Gunner Scott

    GLORY & GRIEF ASL Vietnam Variant? Anyone see this on eBay?

    Hi- Spotted this on ebay and um wow, it looks interesting: Scott
  16. Michael Dorosh

    Spanish Civil War ASL or Korean War ASL

    Psycho must be punished
  17. Gunner Scott

    ASL and the years before and after WW II?

    Hi all- Been checking different websights on pre and post WW II actions and it is really amazing at the amount stuff that is out there. For example, the Jewish war of independence (1947 to 1949) is chalked full of interesting equipment used by both sides IE the Jewish troops had old French...
  18. Whizbang1963

    What Topic Don't You Want to See Done in ASL

    Okay we've seen all wishlists for what people WANT to see, but what about what you don't want to see? Besides the Warsaw Ghetto Massacre which has been discussed to death.. Theatres or Battles that you have absolutely no interest in seeing done in ASL or as HASL or HSASL.. For me it's...
  19. paulkenny

    ASL Areas Yet to Be Covered

    Ok with the expected releases of Few Returned and the CH Italian stuff covering Italian NON desert, what other areas have yet to be tapped for coverage in ASL. In other words areas ripe for coverage cause the existing ASL coverage is lacking and there is lots to be covered. ie...
  20. G

    Update on CH Korean module?

    Does Dave Lamb or any of the other CH guys have an update on the Korean module? Gunner