1. Scott Tortorice

    New CoD: MW3 DLC Announced

    Some more toys to feed my addiction: Modern Warfare 3 August DLC introduces fully playable helicopter
  2. Scott Tortorice

    CoD: MW3 Rebalance Patch

    IW has announced a new patch that will rebalance some weapons: [/SIZE] I am really glad to see IW still supporting the game.
  3. Scott Tortorice

    Call of Duty Sale for Charity

    Good for Activision: Call of Duty DLC on sale for charity I just took advantage of the sale to pick up Content Pack #2. I have to say that this is a better map pack than the first one. I have tried two of the new MP maps - The Forge and The Sanctuary - and I love both. The Forge is a great...
  4. Scott Tortorice

    Vivendi to Sell Activision Blizzard?

    This is interesting: Vivendi Said to Discuss Activision Unit Sale on June 22 I hope this isn't a result of a preview build of BlOps 2. :D Or maybe the execs at Vivendi got really mad when they couldn't log on and play Diablo 3. :laugh:
  5. Scott Tortorice

    Cocked Hammers

    Love it! :D But when are PC gamers going to get in on the Elite action? :( Still, the idea of a gaming-based show is something I've wanted to see for some time. Again, it is amazing how out of touch/hostile TV is to the gaming revolution.
  6. Scott Tortorice

    Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg Discusses Hollywood Licenses

    I'm fascinated by the evolving relationship between gaming and movies, so this article caught my attention: Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg Discusses ‘Black Ops 2’ and Hollywood Licenses Some of the more interesting stuff: I think he is correct. There hasn't been an interesting Hollywood...
  7. Scott Tortorice

    Modern Warfare creators West, Zampella vs. Activision

    Ugly lawsuit. Reminds me of Peter Jackson versus New Line: 'Modern Warfare' creators West, Zampella vs. Activision Honey and flies, and all that. Some big flies, too: My prediction: despite the big names and big money involved, all the networks but FOX Business will ignore the lawsuit because...
  8. Scott Tortorice

    How CoD is Making its Network More Social

    I'm tellin' ya: e-sports is going to be the next big craze in entertainment. The Baby Boomers -who just don't 'get' gaming - don't/won't understand it, but as soon as a Gen Xer puts his weight behind it in a big way for the mainstream media, it is going to take off. How “Call of Duty” is...
  9. Scott Tortorice

    CoD:MW3 Content Collection 2

    More goodies for the console crowd: Again, like with Ghost Recon Future Soldier, PC gamers are going to have to wait longer for this. Well, at least we have the PS3 crowd to keep us company. :D
  10. Scott Tortorice

    CoD: Black Ops 2

    Some interesting stuff in this article: Black Ops 2: 7 things we learned from the new demo Highlights: It sounds like Treyarch is going to expand the core gameplay mechanics nicely! I'm starting to really look forward to this.
  11. Scott Tortorice

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Steam has been having a F2P weekend for CoD:MW3, so out of curiosity I gave it a try. Now I have to say that I am hooked. :) I'm not the biggest CoD fan, but I have played the very first CoD, CoD:MW1 and CoD: Black Ops (the worse of the bunch due to game breaking bugs on the PC version -...
  12. Dr Zaius

    Activision earns $2.9 billion in sales last fiscal year

    Activision had a good year, it seems.