1. Anonymous

    Another LOS check

    Board 36, playing Burn Gurkha, Burn Question arose on stream/ford LOS to hill 502. 1. Z7 to Z5 (ford, ie dry stream) 2. Z7 to Z4 (ford, ie stream) 3. AA8 to Z5 (ford, ie dry stream) 4. AA8 to Z4 (ford, ie stream) We allowed #1 and #3 above. #1 is 2 levels up, 2 hexes away. #2 is 2 levels...
  2. Anonymous

    A6.3 LOS

    :?: Depressions: Is there a LOS from 47R5 to 47T6? Here the white dot of the intervening depression 47S6 is 'half in half out' the depression. The LOS first touches the 47S6 dot from the non-depression side and exits from the depression side. If unsure, whats your opinion of this LOS *from...