1. Robin Reeve

    Dashing squad becoming Berserk (A4.63; A15.431)

    Hi all, Here is the situation. A squad declares Dash and, when fired at when it is on the road, has to roll a MC. Snakes generate HoB and the ensuing result is Berserk. The nearest KEU that the squad must charge is in a different and further hex than the Dash objective hex. I presume that the...
  2. semenza

    A15.431 Berserk Return to Normal

    Rule:A15.431 > Question:If the only Known enemy unit has been eliminated by other than the > Berserk unit (after it completed it\'s charge) , and there was no other enemy > unit Known to the Berserk unit since it became Berserk. What does the Berserk > unit do? Assuming it has...
  3. O

    CC refresher - do we need it ? ( ohh yes )

    Situations… FIRING IN TPB SITUATIONS AND CC A bezerk unit charges to a enemy unit with the fewest MP possible the enemy (a 467) fires with DFF ( 8 – 2 we’ll say). The bezerk unit then ENTERS the hex. The 467 fires with DF ( 4 * 3/ 2 = 6 FP + TEM). Now presume both units are ok. 1) In the...
  4. SamB

    Berserk and Armored Assault

    >Rule:A15.431, D9.31 >Question:A DC838, FT838, 9-1 stacked with a PzVG begin their move by >Armour Assaulting along a road. After spending 4MFs and 6MPs, they are DFFed upon and the result is the following: a 149 is generated and the rest of the Infantry goes berserk. The target is...