1. G

    HIP dummies

    Can a stack of two "?" counters use HIP as if they were an emplaced gun and a crew? No; Dummies may not set up HIP. ....Perry MMP
  2. Matt Book

    Winter Camouflage/HIP Set Up

    > If units with Winter Camouflage can assault > move/advance in Open Ground regardless of LOS distance > to enemy units, then can HIP units with Winter > Camouflage set up HIP in any non-concealment > applicable terrain? > No. ....Perry MMP
  3. Anonymous

    HIP Question

    If Russian 8-1/447/MMG set up in HIP status, can the 447 fire its inherent FP, yet the 8-1 & MMG remain HIP? How about if the 8-1 directs the fire of the 447, can the MMG stay HIP? Thanks