1. Will Fleming

    Rang considerations on LOS gain/loss (Concealment Chart, A12.121, A12.14)

    Rule:A12 (Concealment) and A6 (LOS) Question:Rule A12.121 states you determine the range of the to the nearest unit having such LOS when determining concealment gain. Rule A12.14 states you should use the principles of A12.121 when determining concealment loss. In addition, the concealment...
  2. T

    A12.121 and A12.4 Concealment Loss

    > Question:Assume a Friendly "?" unit performs a concealment-loss activity in > Open Ground. A Good Order enemy MMC is in clear LOS to the Friendly "?", > which can be determined by the naked eye without aid of a thread. Is the enemy > MMC required to challenge the move and force the Friendly...
  3. Jon

    A12.31 and A12.32 HIP unit revelation to force "?" loss

    > A Concealed Enemy unit performs a Concealment Loss activity in the LOS of a > HIP Friendly unit. > The HIP unit wishes to force the Enemy unit to lose "?". > However A12.31 says a HIP unit is not placed on board concealed unless > called for by the rule covering that particular...
  4. Jon

    A12.14 Concealment Loss and LOS checks

    > A12.14 says "A concealed unit's '?' is also lost immediately if it does any > of the following in LOS of a Good Order enemy ground unit within 16 hexes > (such potential LOS checks are free and require no attack or penalty for a > blocked LOS):" > > The wording is such that "?" loss...
  5. Mr Incredible

    Foxholes, APh and Open Ground

    > May a unit IN a Foxhole Advance out of the Foxhole to above the same Foxhole > in the APh? > > May a unit above a Foxhole Advance INTO the same Foxhole in the APh? Yes to both. ....Perry MMP AND......... > Does a concealed infantry unit lose "?" if it uses Assault Movement to exit >...
  6. semenza

    A4.7 , A12.14 , Advance , Fox Hole , Non Open Ground

    > Rule:A4.7 & A12.14 > Question:A Concealed unit is IN a Fox Hole. The Fox Hole is in an Open Ground > Hex (per A10.531) ADJACENT to a building hex. The unit Advances from the Fox > Hole into the building. A Known enemy unit has an unhindered LOS to the Fox Hole > hex Does the the unit...
  7. Anonymous

    Loss of HIP to stop concealed units?

    Does HIP need to be lost to strip enemy units of concealment when the enemy units perform a concealment loss action, if the only friendly unit in LOS of the enemy unit, is a HIP unit? The only pertinent rules I can find are: A12.14 requires a friendly unit to "momentarily" lose concealment...
  8. SamB

    Concealment Questions

    Suggest you use this topic to post questions and answers relating to concealment.