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  1. Honza

    Faulty T34M41 counters.

    Great, thanks Hutch.
  2. Honza

    Faulty T34M41 counters.

    In VotG there were 6 faulty T34M41 counters. Were they replaced in any later module?
  3. Honza

    Identify countersheet

    I think your prices are very fair!
  4. Honza

    MMP 2024 ASL Production Forecast released:

    I wondered what happened to Contested Lands.
  5. Honza

    MMP 2024 ASL Production Forecast released:

    I truly hope SaP gets in there this year. Fingers crossed.
  6. Honza

    Hot Tigers is HOT to play – Dispatches from The Bunker No 181 a MUST PLAY

    I checked it out. Yeah it looks good.
  7. Honza

    Post War AFV Armour Factor

    That is post 1970 I think. That is one reason the AF shoots up.
  8. Honza

    Ritterkrieg contact info

    Did you get his number? He gave it out. 336-462-4035
  9. Honza

    Ritterkrieg contact info

    I sent him a message on FB. Told him you were trying to contact him.
  10. Honza

    Post War AFV Armour Factor

    I've been doing some looking at post war AFV Armour Factors. It started when FW came out. The Pershings and Centurions of the KW had AF of 18. Then I looked at T54/T55 which have AF of 18 & 26 for the turret. It seems that up until the 70's almost all AFV can be declared to have AF of 18 or 26...
  11. Honza

    Zamoly - huge tank battle.

    How long do you think this module will take to be created?
  12. Honza

    Advanced Squad Leader Hall of Fame

    Or Chas Smith...who runs a great TPP and creates amazing scenarios.
  13. Honza

    A51 Clash Along The Psel

    Hi Bruce!
  14. Honza

    J 184 Dayan To Meet You on Board KR

    The pink hexes are hills. The dotted lines are the cave complex boundaries. It is a map of a ridge in Okinawa. Lots of cave fighting.
  15. Honza

    Twilight Of The Reich And WO #15 Are Up For Pre-Order

    Get your tastebuds salivating....
  16. Honza

    GMT Games Panzer & MBT on HASL maps.

    Over on the ASL FB page the players recommended GMT Games Panzer & MBT modules. They said the AFV combat rules are amongst the best and even better than ASL AFV combat rules. The trouble is the maps are pretty basic. So I have dreamt up the idea of playing these modules on HASL maps. Normal geo...
  17. Honza

    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    punching and sorting my Prokhorovka! counters.
  18. Honza

    Replacement pages and the pocket ASLRB

    I do see what you mean Jim. The pASLRB is incredibly handy. I even use it at home instead of the eASLRB or the binder. So I guess you make a valid point.