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  1. Psycho

    Games with Multiplayers.

    why? that's not how ASL is played. you don't play them in an assigned order. you choose what order you want yer units, all of them, whether firing or moving to be played. but you can do it however you want. just don't try & tell them they're playing ASL cuz they ain't if yer doing it that way...
  2. Psycho

    ASL didn't make the list of most complex boardgames

    how hard can SL/ASL be if I can play it, nerdzilla? 🥳
  3. Psycho

    dusted off my old Sven Hassel books

    I'll get around to putting up my stuff eventually. even if I had a website ready my wifi is sooooo fukin bad right now it's not worth it! I was offline all weekend! 😠 the pony express surely delivered wifi to the settlers better than eatel gets us wifi! 😠
  4. Psycho

    dusted off my old Sven Hassel books

    I say make yer own scenarios out of the books. you might make better than mine or find different ones that I might have missed (I doubt it but who knows). anyway even if you make something about the same event as mine you surely won't make it the same. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Psycho

    SK Magazine

    I lived in Blanchard during my HS years (very close to Shreveport-Bossier City: that's north La & not Cajun swamp infested like most peeps apparently think) & had a friend up the street that introduced me to D&D before I got into wargames. I got my mom to either stop in & buy the books or when I...
  6. Psycho

    SK Magazine

    Well I got into SL near the end I think it was. (83 or maybe 84) :unsure: it was in HS that I found SL cuz of my friend Chris so I went out & bought all 4 modules! then I'd moved down to Bogalusa & came back up to Shreveport-Bossier City for something with dad & we went by a hobby shop on the...
  7. Psycho

    Le Franc Tireur unarmed German Paras counter query

    you haven't read that things were kinda different (or don't understand) back then & that units have taken the things that were weaknesses back then & changed them in the following what... 10 or 25 years later? think what they do now almost 80 years after WW2
  8. Psycho

    Where has Von Marwitz vanished to?

    esp soap! :eek:
  9. Psycho

    Where has Von Marwitz vanished to?

    aaaaaaaaaaa I'm allergic! :eek:
  10. Psycho

    Where has Von Marwitz vanished to?

    you'd been gone somewhere? didn't even notice! ;)
  11. Psycho

    Why no glider tanks in Russian OB?

    I like George Peppard & Dirk Benedict from other things of course but in the series they never hit anything for a crack unit of commandos. The movie however has Liam Neeson who everybody loves! Dude! Qui-Gon, Ra's al Ghul, Bryan Mills, Zeus, Sir Gawain, Michael Collins, Oskar Schindler, Delta...
  12. Psycho

    help for SSR wording

    tell that to my ex! ☹
  13. Psycho

    Sissukoni 2023 Helsinki, Finland 25st to 27st August 2023.

    I misread that as 1939 but it is true (just not for ASL)! ;)
  14. Psycho

    Calling all SASL Players!

    well when you have 3 of them it's like 🤷‍♂️. & in the HOF too! 👏
  15. Psycho

    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Pervert! 😠
  16. Psycho

    Calling all SASL Players!

    Great slant & catch in the Super Bowl from Montana to beat Cincy! 🤪
  17. Psycho

    any Soviet Tchanka MG wagon counters produced?

    that footfetish character (Broken Ground design) surely makes them if anybody out wants them! you might have to pay in babies tho! ;)
  18. Psycho

    question about monkeys with typewriters scenarios

    getting younger ala Brad Pitt when he was aging backwards? didn't watch the movie 🤷‍♂️