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  1. dwardzala

    German and Russian Vehicle Counters from Hakkaa Paalle

    Thanks - I suspected that was the case, but wasn't sure.
  2. dwardzala

    German and Russian Vehicle Counters from Hakkaa Paalle

    Are the German and Russian vehicle counters replacements for what's already in there or additional vehicle types? The Ch. H pages are not clear (the number is 1.1 for the T-27).
  3. dwardzala

    DRIFT occurrence

    Looks correct to me.
  4. dwardzala

    SSR vs A7.55 Mandatory FG

    I think you left something out of your second calculation, or you do math differently on that side of the pond :)
  5. dwardzala

    LOS Stringing Problem

    Loading the boards into a new scenario - I could not repeat the behavior. Pulling up a log file from the game I still can.
  6. dwardzala

    Can't "End logfile" VASSAL 6.6.1/VASL 3.4.6

    This fails to work most of the time for me.
  7. dwardzala

    HOB MC roll = Automatic MMC Rally?

    This is an original DR 2 on an MC by a broken unit, not a rally attempt. If you only generate a hero, the broken unit doesn’t rally.
  8. dwardzala

    Homemade SASL Charts

    Nicely done - I was attempting to do a tracking sheet myself just so I wouldn't waste so much ink copying the original. Yours will come in handy.
  9. dwardzala

    Wall Advantage and Melee

    Per B9.32 "A unit may claim WA over a same level wall/hedge hexside if it is an armed, unbroken, ground level unit which is not: <snip> in a Location containing a non-hidden, non-prisoner enemy unit." So in my view the original unit with WA must forfeit WA and the other unit would not be able...
  10. dwardzala

    Can't "End logfile" VASSAL 6.6.1/VASL 3.4.6

    See this thread - I don't use dropbox and experience the same behavior.
  11. dwardzala

    Can't "End logfile" VASSAL 6.6.1/VASL 3.4.6

    I don't think this is a drop box issue. I noted this error, too, and I don't use drop box.
  12. dwardzala

    DI with MG MA

    Not really a contradiction. If the MG is an MA (and its not firing IFE) it is considered ordnance. The part that restricts DI is the part of the rule that states MGs specifically are prohibited from making DI attempts.
  13. dwardzala

    DI with MG MA

    My take is that it can only be attempted by ordnance (which to me means MA or gun) and then the rule further excludes MG/IFE which would apply if the MG is the MA - so no, not allowed.
  14. dwardzala

    Clearing Minefields...

    I believe that the question was mis-read and it might be worth resubmitting. It could easily have been interpreted as non-building hexside instead of non-TB building hexside.
  15. dwardzala

    Clearing Minefields...

    That Q&A makes no sense. Is the infantry not considered in the building because of the clearance attempt?
  16. dwardzala

    Another VASL Bug

    Well done.
  17. dwardzala

    ASL Etiquette

    Are cougars ok?
  18. dwardzala

    The future of the Ersatz VASLeague

    For live you would definitely have to schedule 1 game at a time. I think the 4 week per match round robin is a good idea. Could do a part year round robin and then knockout rounds.