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  1. dirk 458

    Idea: WW2.5 in the 1960's

    Good starting point in 1950s, can use late WWII tech. and weapons. As this is a what if... lets start with a bloated Germany. Sweden gets the port of Narvik, Balkans don't change from 1939. Italy attacked Egypt and Britian kicked them out of Africa and took the islands near Turkey from Italy...
  2. dirk 458

    Idea: WW2.5 in the 1960's

    [QUOTE=Ben Turner a) how would this happen? Hitler was never really keen on the idea of allowing Russia to exist as an independent state. Here's a Scenairo of how it could happen: During The Battle of Brintain before Hitler starts planning Barbarossa. Hitler dies by a stroke while giving a...
  3. dirk 458

    Europe at War 1945-1946

    Could you point me to more information or source material on this subject. A long time ago I saw a book on this, I think titled "Mr. Churchill's Nazis". Aurthor unknown, it has been over twenty+ years since I saw the book.
  4. dirk 458


    I have been reading this forum for a while and here is my solution to Finland. Take out the exclusion zone in Finland and let the Soviets try to take Helsinki. When the Swede and French force comes in, change that force to, the Swedish OOB as is, take out the French unit and in its place...