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  1. Peter J

    Help with British MG

    Yes, Forgotten War for the LMG (2-8) and the US MMG/HMGs. A footnote in FW discusses how the Candains were using more US equipment than they were in WW2. I believe the LMG (2-8) is an upgraded/improved Bren.
  2. Peter J


    Thanks for your prompt reply. I am happy to help with researching Brit/Commonwealth., as I already have a fair bit of information. The Australian forces were compliant with British doctrine for most of the war. I will 'pop in' to VASL if I can catch you. Cheers
  3. Peter J


    Thank you for your work on this extension. I really appreciate your efforts and like what you've done!! Any chance of creating a Brit/Commonwealth tab with: Combat Engrs; captured German LMG,MMG and HMG (and vice versa for Germans)?
  4. Peter J

    Twilight Of The Reich And WO #15 Are Up For Pre-Order

    in WO15, Any idea what Deluxe Boards p/q/r look like?
  5. Peter J

    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    The 'obscure' regulation has been in place since 1921 in order to protect the dignity of the term Anzac. There is an application process for seeking permission for the use.
  6. Peter J

    Kokoda Trip

    Yes, I've walked the track twice.
  7. Peter J

    Kokoda Trip

    Strangely.... very little wildlife.
  8. Peter J

    Kokoda Trip

    The terrain along the track is extreme! However, most of the principal engagements were fought in locations where fire could be brought to bear which gives some scope for playability. Mapboard-wise this would require some small villages, 'hills' with paths, crag/stream combinations, mixture of...
  9. Peter J

    Kokoda Trip

    A couple of photos of the Track. Some quite different terrain.
  10. Peter J

    StME 5-3-7 Sturm troops

    Auscot, what would your suggestions be? I would have thought 447/457/458 covered the AIF in North Africa and in the Pacific. You could make an argument for '6' range but I don't think that warrants another counter run. Some other nuances can be addressed through ELR and SSR. The Militia is...
  11. Peter J

    Operation Windsor - Carpiquet Airfield - HASL

    Don, not sure if you have this already.... there is some aerial photography (dated 24 June 1944) over the airfield. NCAP Carpiquet search
  12. Peter J

    Operation Windsor - Carpiquet Airfield - HASL

    Please find below, a direct link to the CMHQ Report: CMHQ Report 162 Canadian War Diaries have been digitised but can be a challenge to 'break the code' on finding the right ones!
  13. Peter J

    Prisoners in melee

    I agree with the 'two squads are in melee with the prisoner'... A11.15. I do not agree with "Of course as the melee continues the (now former) guard can try to capture the escapees rather than kill them." The Guard remains the Guard until the prisoner escapes, even if the Guard became broken...
  14. Peter J

    Island of Fire - Jason Mark

    Island of Fire was re-published as a Stackpole Publication. Still available Leapinghorseman
  15. Peter J

    Rubble and cliffs

    As Michael's opponent, my argument is based on the rule B24.121 which states: "Falling rubble transforms any non-Water Obstacle terrain it falls on into a rubble counter at ground level and eliminates any non-armored (including non-AFV wrecks) or OT AFV unit/Fortification/TB in that hex. ..."...
  16. Peter J

    Operation Neptune

    Somerset Light Infantry = SLI
  17. Peter J

    PROKHOROVKA! game on pre-order now at!!

    Does that include pre-orders through stores?
  18. Peter J

    Electronic ASL Rulebook Now on Sale!!

    Excellent news!! US$60 may be steep for some but postage to Australia on the hardcopy RB is over $60 alone.
  19. Peter J

    What ASL products can we expect in 2021?

    Thanks Michael. I had seen the thread for MMP but was also interested if folks had news from other producers.