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  1. Typwn


    I've never heard of or played ASL. Back when I was around it was just a gaming forum, but this seems to be the place for an ASL community lol
  2. Typwn


    I'm not new but used to come around here about 16 years ago. Used to be called Sengo if I remember correctly. Not sure if anyone is still around then from but...howdy.
  3. Typwn

    COD3 Comparison

    Call of Duty looked amazing. There's very little difference to each one, which is why I posted that.
  4. Typwn

    COD3 Comparison

    ...Okay now I don't mean any offense to anyone when I say this. The Wii version looks like Call of Duty, X360 looks like Call of Duty 2, and PS3 looks like Call of Duty 3.
  5. Typwn

    Microsoft to pull a PS3, place motion sensors in Xbox 360 pad?

    Dude....if she looks anything like her father, you're going to regret it.
  6. Typwn

    Xbox 360 camera nd other stuff

    Thought video chat came with the system already.....guess not. I also really doubt that they can fix all their problems with a downloadable update.