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  1. Robert Fabbro

    Twilight Of The Reich And WO #15 Are Up For Pre-Order

    Then there is the cryptic "Updated ASL Rule Book Chapter A & Chapter B Rules set". Does this mean those chapters will be included in their entirety? If so, that could explain some of the cost.
  2. Robert Fabbro

    Contacting Mark Hatfield

    Mark has a blog on CSW: CSW Forum - Hatfield, Mark (Central OH) (
  3. Robert Fabbro

    SASL V3 Changes?

    If they change only one thing, I would hope they get rid of the Sultry Peasant Girl RE. Though written in an oblique fashion, we know what's going on. It's just creepy.
  4. Robert Fabbro

    Were tanks left or right hand drive?

    Japanese tanks (and other nations) of the post-WWI and early WW2 time period were seriously lacking in effective vision ports. In the case of the Japanese hull MGs, the gunner had a telescopic-like gunsight in the ball mount, and that was basically it!
  5. Robert Fabbro

    Were tanks left or right hand drive?

    OK, sorry... One more odd one. The Japanese type 89A had left-hand drive, but the type 89B had right-hand drive.
  6. Robert Fabbro

    Were tanks left or right hand drive?

    Czech 35(t) and 38(t) were right-hand drive. Many, if not most, Japanese tanks were right-hand drive, specifically the Japanese type 95 Ha-Go and type 97 Chi-Ha. British tanks with a bow-gunner were generally right-hand drive, but tanks such as the A9 Cruiser, the Matilda, and the Valentine...
  7. Robert Fabbro

    multiple Bog checks

    How about Trench and Wire? Trench on its own is +0 Wire on its own is +2 But is a Wire/Trench combo one roll at +2?
  8. Robert Fabbro

    Waffen-SS Counter Storage and What Not

    Where is the groovy Panzerfaust counter from?
  9. Robert Fabbro

    Light Woods Hindrance

    As per 35.1 light woods are treated as woods except when stated otherwise. Since only same-level LOS is mentioned in 35.2, they would be treated as regular woods for purposes of creating blind hexes.
  10. Robert Fabbro

    Massacre via A20.4

    ....What I am less sure about is what happens if the infantry/cavalry simply choose to stop in the same hex as the unarmed unit.
  11. Robert Fabbro

    Massacre via A20.4

    I read it as an infantry/cavalry unit has a choice upon entering an unarmed unit's location: A) since the unarmed unit is not an obstacle to movement, the infantry/cavalry can ignore them and simply keep moving, or B) If they so choose they may instead try to eliminate/recapture the unarmed...
  12. Robert Fabbro

    Board 50 - hexes K1 and AA10: Stream or Open Ground?

    To be clear, in my previous post, I was looking at the various end hexes with a strict and neutral reading of B20.1. In all the cases where I indicated a questionable end hex or (facetiously) pointed out a 3-hexside stream, I would personally play those as stream hexes. It just seems too...
  13. Robert Fabbro

    Board 50 - hexes K1 and AA10: Stream or Open Ground?

    Hopefully some will find the following useful, or at least food for further discussion. I had a look at the first 80 starter kit style maps. I did not look at any double-wide boards, original hardback boards, deluxe, or TPP boards. Using the literal interpretation of B20.1, my non-scientific...
  14. Robert Fabbro

    Armored Trains in ASL

    All these train puns have put me in a grand funk...
  15. Robert Fabbro

    Silent Night Deadly Night

    As Doug points out, the E8.5 example shows the 337 taking a NMC. The rule may be somewhat lacking in precision, but the example provides clear direction.
  16. Robert Fabbro

    Pegasus Bridge

    A few years ago, I came across James Wallwork's obituary in one of our local papers. Sgt Wallwork was the pilot of the lead glider on that day.
  17. Robert Fabbro


    Q6 MUST be chosen. From A10.51 "...a routing unit must move to the nearest (in MF calculated at the start of its RtPh) building or woods hex..." Q6 requires 2 MF to reach, N5 and O7 require 3MF to reach.
  18. Robert Fabbro


    That's exactly what I am saying. Agreed, especially regarding P6. I think we are on the same page but getting hung up on different things. I am confident that if we were face to face across the gameboard, with a beverage of choice, there would be no issue here!
  19. Robert Fabbro


    Ninjaed by Klas!