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  1. Gamer72

    The last battle

    Lone Canuck Publishing
  2. Gamer72

    Identify countersheet

    Maybe from KG Scherer ?
  3. Gamer72

    ASL food

    Game Pie
  4. Gamer72

    ASL food

    Can’t be arsed to look : we must have already had Ham & Jam and Hasty Pudding ?
  5. Gamer72

    ... took the dice and ..... Tales of the demise of innocent dice.

    My friend Martin Mayers was so frustrated with his Schwerpunkt dice that he threw them across my lounge at the wall. Of course, when they landed, they came up ‘snakes’ . 🤣
  6. Gamer72

    Everything DASL for $49 total this weekend...

    Isn’t there a ‘Euro-friendly’ deal they’re offering via Second Chance Games ?
  7. Gamer72

    Boresighting Canister

    Devious ** 😈
  8. Gamer72

    The 'Wife' Easy rules to remember

    If you want to attend a tournament, you might want to think of offering her a holiday. Preferably one without you, as no wife will thank you for a winter weekend in Blackpool (or Cleveland, so I’ve heard).
  9. Gamer72

    Yer #2 game (assumes you have one)

    Anything from the Battalion Combat Series, got Valley Of Tears on the table at the moment.
  10. Gamer72

    I have never tried…

    A Geordie Overrun !
  11. Gamer72

    Withdrawing Broken units in CC with an AFV

    Hah, told you I was rusty 😄
  12. Gamer72

    Withdrawing Broken units in CC with an AFV

    We made the Russian CC roll just in case, failed despite the -4 DRM, with a 9. Phew ! Apologies to Ian for my incorrect interpretation of the CC Withdrawal rule.
  13. Gamer72

    Withdrawing Broken units in CC with an AFV

    CCV of 7 with a -2 DRM, that bloody tank should look like my avatar !
  14. Gamer72

    B13.41 VCA change on a woods-road hex

    Like most people here, I fall on the “1MP/2MP” side of the debate, and had a right row with my opponent at Heroes while playing The Art Of Dying, when I wanted to turn my Italian tanks around on the woods road to avoid a Russian gun at the other end of it, and he insisted on the 2MP/4MP...
  15. Gamer72

    Shanghaid, the port for hijacked threads

    About 35 years ago, my friend covered all his counter sheets with yacht varnish, which has mostly held up pretty well (although not so much on the Devil’s Den counters I’m playing with just now).
  16. Gamer72

    Game stores in Quebec ?

    Hi, anybody know if there are any game stores in Quebec City selling ASL or other board war games ?
  17. Gamer72

    Specific collateral attack

    Thank you so much, I knew it had to be in there somewhere, I must have read right over that yesterday.
  18. Gamer72

    Specific collateral attack

    A 76* Gun fires HE on a CE Pz VG on the Vehicle Target Type and rolls a 1,1. Is the collateral attack resolved on the IFT on the 12 FP column or the 24 FP column ? Thanks in advance...
  19. Gamer72

    Old expressions, ASLified

    What goes around comes around when you’re encircled..