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    J223 "Latecomers", go home !

    The SSR needs a tweak for clarity. The real question is what is the purpose of this SSR in the first place. The Italian AFVs are low ground pressure and fully tracked. Their Bog DRM is 0. They will only Bog on a 12. This SSR introduces extra dice rolling for very limited if any game...
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    Gear Krieg query

    You might want to look into DASL and micro armour which was brought out in the beginning of ASL. It never caught on though.
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    Have designers given up on portraying the Russians in WW-II?

    A data point to consider: From Tank Battles in East Prussia and Poland by Igor Nebolsin page 437 Manpower tables Total for 5th Tank Army on February 3rd 1945 4202 officers, 9601 NCOs and 14935 Rank and File Other tables in Glantz's books have similar ratios for tank and mech units in mid to...
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    Have designers given up on portraying the Russians in WW-II?

    Part of the problem is that is that when ASL first came out, there was an shortage of good reference material. All we had were the memoirs of the defeated Germans who all claimed the Russians were poorly led at the tactical level. The evolution of scenario design has responded to the...
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    Reassessing Prokhorovka

    See Demolishing the Myth by Zamulin (2011) and/or Decision in the Ukraine by Nipe (1996) for previous works on the topic.
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    ASL Maxims

    There is no substitute for rolling low.
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    #85 The Good Shepherd

    Congrats to the one player who remembered B28.5 and swapped for AT mines. The SSR allows the German to boresight and this sets up some really nasty opportunities for the INF gun. Bore sight an adjacent hex that the Canadians must enter (EXC gun in L3 with L2 BS), and you could be getting CHs...
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    East Front is lacking - design feedback wanted

    Rolling Steppe terrain can be represented by desert boards and a few overlays. The terrain was massively varied from dense forests and swamps to wide open.
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    Elite Tiger crews:

    A simpler approach is to give them a 9-1 armour leader. SSR if you want more. However not all tales of Tigers sweeping the fields of their opposition are true. Most of them are in fact exaggerated.
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    #84 Kids These Days pt 2

    Deliberate Immobilization. Its where your ASL brain should go when there are stopped adjacent Tigers with Exit VP on the line
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    AP184 Any Errata?

    Is there any errata for this scenario? Particularly with respect to the setup areas. It seems odd that the defender can't set up on board 85
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    CASLO XXVII in 2023

    What is your thinking behind the progressive rules increase? In my opinion people playing at CASLO should be using the entire ruleset in all rounds. Also this scenario list is mostly very old scenarios. Part of what motivates players to come to an event is the opportunity to play newer...
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    Schürzen incorrectly modelled in the rules?

    You really don't need the qualifier. It should be AF +1. By the time Sz is deployed, the minimum TK of allied AT weapons greatly over matches the schurzen AF of 4. Think 57L, 76L, 76LL, 85L, 90L or 122L
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    Bypass along water covered vertex (not side)...

    Check the definition of hexside in the index and you'll see "each hexside also contains two vertices". Thus the vertex that is covered by water is part of the hexside being bypassed. Bypass is NA here.
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    Steelworks pack question on Known Mines

    You might want to ask this in the Lone Canuck subforum. However, the interpretation that all mines MUST be set up Known is incorrect. In the case of ST5 with 96 mine factors: You may set up 96 mine factors hidden; or You may setup 72 factors hidden and 24 known and get 1 + dr/2 dummy...
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    Someone enjoying the Red Factories module!

    Hi. Its hard to say based on two playings. I think between players of equal skill, it slightly favours the Germans because the Germans get to choose the place of attack. I do think that sewer movement is vital for the Russians. The VC are in either stone locations or multihex stone...
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    Someone enjoying the Red Factories module!

    They were steel. Cushions liberated from the couches made them tolerable
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    Someone enjoying the Red Factories module!

    That looks like just after we finished setting up. Participants were myself, Rene, JP and Reg for the Russians. James, Doug and Rob as the Germans. Brian was also supposed to be there but the snow stopped him. I'm sure Doug will post a AAR sometime
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I was the architect of James' demise in this game. My partner in crime was Rene. What James didn't mention was Rene's unholy ROF streak with a multitude of ROF 3 weapons. One of his 82mmMTRs got of 8 or 9 shots in one phase. By turn 5 there was a broken German 7-0 and a 467 hiding in the...
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    Beyond Valor v Journals

    Is it the BV that came with RB or not? ie which version of BV?